Ryse: Son of Rome reviews begin, get all the Xbox One scores here

Thursday, 21st November 2013 11:02 GMT By Dave Cook

Ryse: Son of Rome reviews have been kicked into the news pit like that poor sod from 300. As always, we’re collecting them here for your convenience. THIS. IS. ROUND-UP!

You can check out Brenna’s full Ryse: Son of Rome appraisal through the link.

The game’s out tomorrow, November 22.

Now then, here are those shiny numbers:

Eurogamer – 5/10
Joystiq – 2.5/5
Polygon – 6/10
Destructoid – 5/10
Shacknews – 5/10
OXM – 7/10
IGN – 6.8/10
Kotaku – Yes
GameInformer – 6/10

Got a score we’ve missed? Paste it below and we’ll add it when we get a moment.



  1. Dragon

    Knack vs. Ryse
    Who shall take the wooden spoon?

    #1 10 months ago
  2. Lv01


    #2 10 months ago
  3. xFidelCashflow


    #3 10 months ago
  4. Djoenz

    I did not expect this. I need to read the reviews but must be a damn short game. . . . . Crytek are truly dipshits oh boy.

    #4 10 months ago
  5. viralshag

    Looking like I was spot on what I said earlier about scores… I’m not sure I’ll bother reading them as I’ll see for myself tomorrow anyway.

    #5 10 months ago
  6. f1r3storm – 7/10

    #6 10 months ago
  7. Nam3M3King

    Lol guess they could QTE out of this situation

    #7 10 months ago
  8. monkeygourmet

    So… They hid a shit game behind mediocre ones…

    Welcome to next gen! The star of the show?

    Indie games!!! Games you can play on a machine for half the price of the next gen consoles, whoot!

    My girlfriend has decided against an X1 now, looks like we are sticking with PC & Wii U for a good while now till things start to catch up.

    #8 10 months ago
  9. VibraniumSpork

    So…kinda like Killzone: Shadow Fall. An enjoyable though fairly pedestrian affair with some heartily-impressive visuals that show off the system. I’d still hit it though.

    #9 10 months ago
  10. monkeygourmet

    Judging by Eurogamers breakdown of the combat, it’s criminal that games like this will probably sell, and games like Wonderful 101 don’t get a look in.

    Sad state of affairs really.

    #10 10 months ago
  11. viralshag

    @10, Well if W101 made it to a next-gen system then it might have.

    #11 10 months ago
  12. Ireland Michael

    @1 The difference with Knack is that it isn’t a glorified QTE fest and has actual gameplay, and everyone whose actually played it loved it.

    Everyone knew Ryse was going to be terrible from the moment they saw it. As with everything Crytek makes, it’s a technical marvel with no soul. This scores were entirely predictable.

    #12 10 months ago
  13. viralshag

    @12, I do find it funny that you’re defending a game that got bad reviews based on people getting more time to actually play it but not offering the same courtesy to this game.

    It might end up still being shit but at least give the game the same chance.

    #13 10 months ago
  14. VibraniumSpork

    @12 +1

    #14 10 months ago
  15. Xbone

    gametrailers 7/10–son-of-rome-review

    #15 10 months ago
  16. absolutezero


    Man people bad-mouthing Crytek makes me sad. Far Cry 1 is still great and the first Crysis is the best sand-box FPS to date, still. Fuck Crysis is fucking superb at what it does. I think it might be a case of “playing it wrong”, I know I managed to change one of my friends minds about the game by just getting him to play a little differently.

    #16 10 months ago
  17. Beta

    A glorified tech demo then. As always with Crytek, a beautiful game let down by average gameplay.

    #17 10 months ago
  18. monkeygourmet


    Not guarenteed by previous selling efforts from the studio.

    It all boils down to if you want to play good games or mediocre ones. Not saying that the X1 won’t have some fantastic titles in the future, but the launch titles are average at best (although that was to be expected).

    If you can’t fork out £149 to support titles like 101 but you CAN fork out £429 to play titles like Ryse, well, I don’t know?! Seems arse backwards to me, but each to their own eh? :)

    #18 10 months ago
  19. mistermogul

    @9 – Like Killzone but worse! (if you take metacritic into consideration, currently 73 & 60)

    #19 10 months ago
  20. mistermogul

    Here’s Destructoid’s –

    #20 10 months ago
  21. monkeygourmet


    Everyone who’s actually played it…?

    Bit strong Mike! JM will ask you to justify that kind of statement if your not careful.

    Also, watch out with the ‘soul’ comment, thats frowned upon too…

    #21 10 months ago
  22. VibraniumSpork

    @19 Meh, I’d say that they’re both meeting the same ‘just above average’ plateau, review-wise.

    #22 10 months ago
  23. Xbone

    @16 I does not disagree with you, but I dont think Crysis 1 was a real sandbox game, cause you always went from A to B. Of course there was plenty of room but still. I think the best sandbox FPS is Far Cry 3.

    #23 10 months ago
  24. Ireland Michael

    @13 I rest fairly confident in the belief that the vast majority people won’t enjoy Ryse, simply because of its utterly transparent monotony. It’s a glorified tech demo. The game has barely any gameplay to actually speak of. Knack at least has that.

    @21 I like you MG, but please, please don’t use me to passively insult someone else.

    I have a bad habit of using absolutes when it’s not what I actually mean, bad habit. You understood my points though.

    #24 10 months ago
  25. Pytox

    Knack wins :p

    #25 10 months ago
  26. Djoenz

    Come on Monkey go in your basket noaw! Dont start that shit.

    Seriously why are people comparing a game like Knack to Ryse? Different target audience and perhaps even different genres? Im not that sure about the genre tbh…hmmm.

    #26 10 months ago
  27. naffgeek

    Well at least Microsoft didn’t hold back reviews until it was too late for people to cancel their pre-orders….!

    You stay classy MS!

    And before anyone screams fanboy I have been desperately looking for a reason to own both next gen consoles and between them the yhaven’t given me a single one.

    This time next year then.

    #27 10 months ago
  28. mistermogul

    @22 – You’re probably right but QTE’s are not my thing, so the difference in score is probably valid for me…

    #28 10 months ago
  29. Djoenz

    Havent you guys noticed that Gigahurtz never post in positive ps4 news or negative Xbox One articles unless he really can defend something.

    You have been OUTED my friend! BAM! ALABAMA!

    #29 10 months ago
  30. Xbone

    @27 not sure if serious or irony.

    #30 10 months ago
  31. VibraniumSpork

    Real Talk: I’ve been playing a lot of Vita Jak & Daxter over the last few days…this has me ludicrously pumped for Knack, reviews be damned >_<

    #31 10 months ago
  32. naffgeek

    @30 Sarcasm to be clear :).

    #32 10 months ago
  33. Ireland Michael

    @26 The comparision has more do with the similarly low scores and not really the games themselves, since they’re both supposed to be showcase launch titles for their respective consoles.

    At least nobody has called me a CrapStation 3.5 fanboy yet.

    It’s suspiciously nice around here the last day or two… it’s making me a little nervous…

    @31 Knack is great, as long as you play to its strengths – different enemy types has very specific strategies, and you *have* to use them to beat them.

    Knack is definitely from the Jak / Dexter school of game design as well, but that sort of thing isn’t “cool” anymore. It doesn’t have guns and violence ‘n’ shit.

    #33 10 months ago
  34. monkeygourmet


    Okay, fair point, I shouldn’t have had a dig. Sorry JM in advance.

    @Your original point

    Don’t you think your dislike of monotonous violence has slighlty ‘skewed’ your judgement?

    After all, Knack has been described as a ‘kids God of War’ by many, and you seemed to dislike that combat system?

    #34 10 months ago
  35. Xbone

    @32 Ok. I thought it wasnt serious but I wasnt sure :D

    #35 10 months ago
  36. Djoenz

    Ireland Michael is spot on IMO without Soul its all pointless. It needs to have magic!

    #36 10 months ago


    #37 10 months ago
  38. naffgeek

    @35 Like I said I am no Fanboy and really want a reason to own a next gen console but some of the business practices employed lately have been less than transparent.

    Drives me mad….yeah I’ll pay £429 for a console, then £50 for a game…what’s that you want more money in micro-transactions…!!!!

    And it’s not just MS, GT6 has just announced them too :(

    #38 10 months ago
  39. Christopher Jack

    So essentially God of War without the fun & monsters?
    & I’m not even a huge fan of God of War so this seems like it’ll lull me to sleep.

    #39 10 months ago
  40. Djoenz

    Thats my Gigahurtz again :)
    You said the same thing in the Knack article so Im very proud of you my friend you actually listened a bit to me.

    Im just kidding btw nothing personal bro ;)

    PS: I was just curious why you never replied to the EA: Many COD hours played on PS4 since you like COD?

    #40 10 months ago

    “A flop, is a flop, is a flop.”

    - G1GAHURTZ 2013.

    #41 10 months ago
  42. Ireland Michael

    @35 It has nothing to do with monotonous violence, it has to do with monotonous gameplay. There’s barely anything to the gameplay at all. It’s funny that you mention God of War actually, because Ryse is even more limiting and basic that Kratos’ outings.

    I’m okay with violence in games (Bulletstorm and Silent Hill are two games I love to pieces), I just don’t care about violence for violence’s sake… especially if the game is lacking in decent gameplay to boot.

    Knack and God or War is a poor comparison. Knack requires you to mix up your attacks and strategies constantly if you want to progress. God of War doesn’t even has an inch of that much strategy to it. Knack is the far superior title, gameplay wise.

    #42 10 months ago


    Do what? which story? link?

    #43 10 months ago

    Knack and God or War is a poor comparison. Knack requires you to mix up your attacks and strategies constantly if you want to progress.

    That’s not what the reviewers said.

    #44 10 months ago
  45. Djoenz

    My bad I misread the signals NVM!

    #45 10 months ago
  46. VibraniumSpork

    @33 RE: Knack. Cool, thanks fella. I think I’ve got to pick it up. I love the general look of the game, and I’ve rediscovered my love for platforming recently. Nice to have something a bit more relaxing and fun to play than the usual video game practices of shooting/stabbing stuff in the face ^_^

    Have also been hitting that Knack iOS game up for added collectibles…would hate to see ‘em go to waste!

    #46 10 months ago
  47. Ireland Michael

    @44 I don’t give a flying fuck what the reviewers have said when I’ve actually played the game and come to the conclusion myself.

    #47 10 months ago
  48. SCAssassin 7/10

    #48 10 months ago
  49. TheBlackHole

    Many of these reviews read like they are reviewing a product based on far loftier expectations than other games had.

    This is the problem with reviews nowadays – no game is reviewed in an open, level context. Things like developer heritage and product budget and pre-launch hype are inevitably taken into account, which have literally no bearing on the end user experience.

    I’ll be picking this up because it’s fun. I don’t need every game to be an indie-inspired wonder hit or a technically demanding open-world RPG.

    @33 So Knack is great, because the shit scores ignore the fun you had with it, but this is shit just because you don’t like the lack of variety, despite it getting marginally better scores?

    #49 10 months ago
  50. monkeygourmet


    Sorry, but it just sounded like you parroted the Knack article DrDamn posted the other day.

    You could replace ‘Knack’ with ‘Ryse’ in that article and im sure it would express how some people feel about the X1 title.


    “Knack requires you to mix up your attacks and strategies constantly if you want to progress.”

    That pretty much describes God of Wars gameplay.

    #50 10 months ago
  51. Ireland Michael

    @49 Gameplay for me is what matters, and it’s my personal *opinion* that many people will feel the same way about this game, and that it will not receive the same positive love Knack has from those who eventually play it.

    Do you have an argument to make on the subject or are you just going to resort to lazy ad hominems?

    @50 “Sorry, but it just sounded like you parroted the Knack article DrDamn posted the other day.”

    No, I just happen to completely agree with it.

    “That pretty much describes God of Wars gameplay.”

    It really, really doesn’t. You barely have to diverge from the basic chain attack in God of War, and you can still steamroll most of the game on normal mode. In Knack, that kind of laziness will see you back at the nearest checkpoint. Over, and over, and over again.

    #51 10 months ago
  52. _LarZen_

    Buying Knack even tho the revews are all over the place. Gamer feedback on twitch,forums and metacritics are way more positive then the reviewers.

    So I am going to pick up Ryse also, I think it looks stunning and fun. I don’t care that it can get a little simple or repetitive. If I cared about that I would have played 1 FPS game a year and not 5-10.

    #52 10 months ago
  53. DrDamn

    This looked shit from the beginning. Plenty of people could see that, myself included.

    Absolutely NO surprises here.

    Edit: for reference


    #53 10 months ago
  54. KineticCalvaria

    Oh this is just too funny, this is the only game that was tempting me over to the X1 and it’s shit, phew lucky escape there.

    #54 10 months ago
  55. absolutezero

    That first trailer when little was known about the title is still a nicely made piece of fluff.

    Then it was a Kinect title, and then it was not a Kinect title and then it was moved to next gen and then it was terrible.

    Potential was had, potential was lost.

    #55 10 months ago
  56. Nephilimator

    Pure shit just like dvrxboxone

    #56 10 months ago


    So all of the reviewers are wrong, and you’re right?

    How did this happen?

    #57 10 months ago
  58. DrDamn


    #58 10 months ago
  59. Ireland Michael

    @57 No, they’re not “wrong”. Their opinions are just different to mine.

    I already went into my opinion in a previous thread on why I think the game scored the way it did and factors that could have influenced it… but at the end of the day, my personal experience of the game counts for me far more than someone else’s.

    The user reception of the game has been overwhelmingly positive, and with the exponentially growing popularity of user reviews and streaming, “professional” reviews are honestly starting to become a little… outdated.

    Opinions are not facts, and are completely free to be as flexible as the individuals chooses. At no point have I ever said my opinion was law and that you had to agree with.

    By the way, there *are* positive reviews of Knack.

    You really should take that chip off your shoulder, bud. It’s really weighing your down. Chill out, junior.

    #59 10 months ago


    I stand corrected.


    By the way, there *are* positive reviews of Knack.

    Please quote me exactly where I said otherwise…

    Go on. Find the quote.

    Do we really have to go through all this again?

    You make a false accusation… I ask you to prove it… You, unable to do so, call me a bully… etc, etc.

    It’s boring. Just be honest instead of doing exactly what you’re doing now.

    #60 10 months ago

    Interesting quote from DDs first link:

    The basic mechanics are simple; you have one attack button, a dodge move on the right analog stick, and three two-button combos that unleash special moves like a shockwave or one that turns Knack into a deadly tornado of relic shards. It doesn’t sound like much, but the myriad enemies you face force you to use this small selection of moves in a wide variety of ways. Even on normal difficulty, you die often. Surprisingly, the tense battles often made me recall the God of War series.

    #61 10 months ago
  62. Sini

    no tits

    #62 10 months ago
  63. Ireland Michael

    @60 “Please quote me exactly where I said otherwise…”

    “So all of the reviewers are wrong, and you’re right?”

    If all the reviewers are wrong, than that means I must therefore be the only one with a positive opinion. Pedantry, thy name is GIGZ.

    Then again, I never said all the reviewers were wrong.

    “You make a false accusation.”

    Except for the part where I never made that accusation.

    I’m sure all those starving journalists will appreciate your knightly chivalry though.

    “It’s boring.”

    Agreed. Have fun.

    @62 NO TITS?! Damn… FLOP! FLOP!

    #63 10 months ago
  64. Dave Cook

    This is hilarious stuff. Keep going.

    #64 10 months ago
  65. VibraniumSpork

    Ireland Michael continually reminds me of this gif (in a good way) ;)

    #65 10 months ago
  66. monkeygourmet


    Exactly. I have heard Knack compared to God of War many times.


    “It really, really doesn’t. You barely have to diverge from the basic chain attack in God of War, and you can still steamroll most of the game on normal mode.”

    I couldn’t disagree more. I used all of the weapons in many encounters as each allows access to new combo links. If you found it too easy, well, thats what ‘hard’ or ‘nightmare’ difficulty are for.

    Knack borrows much of the mechanics of the GOW titles, thats just a fact.

    Look at this!!!

    Even the guy who made it states where his inspiration came from…

    Cerny cites numerous influences for Knack’s gameplay, hinting that Crash Bandicoot and God of War fans may find a lot to like in the finished product. “The way I look at it – there’s a bit of Crash Bandicoot in there, a bit of Katamari Damacy, which is a game I love and must have bought three or four times over the years,” he explains. “And there’s a bit of God of War too. You can see that game’s influence on Knack – especially in the control set, where the right stick is the dodge.”

    #66 10 months ago
  67. Djoenz

    “Thy name is GIGZ” lmao
    “Thy name is buttHURTZ”

    #67 10 months ago
  68. monkeygourmet


    Are you continually suprised how we can all put so much effort into arguing about nothing? :)

    #68 10 months ago
  69. Ekona

    Sod you all, I’m looking forward to playing Ryse tonight. Sometimes I don’t want epic drawn out sagas, sometimes I just want flashy graphics with lots of blood.

    #69 10 months ago
  70. Joe Musashi

    @69 Ekona. Nicely put!

    I hope you enjoy it – just to spite us. :P


    #70 10 months ago
  71. Dave Cook

    @69 I’m starting it tonight as well, though what I played of the multiplayer at gamescom was pretty poor. Very clunky. Then again, I love Bayonetta. They’re miles apart in terms of combat.

    #71 10 months ago
  72. Ireland Michael

    @65 Hahahahaha, that’s pretty brilliant.

    Calm as a log here though. It often perplexes me why people seem to latch onto my opinions so aggressively.

    “And there’s a bit of God of War too. You can see that game’s influence on Knack – especially in the control set, where the right stick is the dodge.”

    That seems like an extremely vague similarity.

    I guess I can see how the linear progression is fairly similar, but the core mechanics? Not really.

    My main problem with God of War is how poorly polished the combat is. Its just so clunky and unresponsive. Even if it borrowed from it (which I simply don’t see) Knack feels a lot more responsive and fluid, and more enjoyable to me as a result.

    @69 Let us know what you think. Always nice to see a different opinion on these things.

    #72 10 months ago
  73. KineticCalvaria

    Don’t even bother Mike, some people live in their own little world where everything they say is always right, unfortunately he hasn’t realised we aren’t in that world with him.

    #73 10 months ago


    Here we go… Just wait for the “you’re a big mean bully” accusation.

    It’s coming…

    The facts


    “Knack and God or War is a poor comparison. Knack requires you to mix up your attacks and strategies constantly if you want to progress.”

    That’s not what the reviewers said.


    @44 I don’t give a flying **** [edited for decency] what the reviewers have said when I’ve actually played the game and come to the conclusion myself.



    So all of the reviewers are wrong, and you’re right?

    How did this happen?


    By the way, there *are* positive reviews of Knack.

    In summary…

    1. You said that the combat in Knack “requires you to mix up your attacks and strategies constantly”.

    2. I said that’s not what the reviewers said about the combat.

    3. You said (using the foul language of someone unable to muster an intelligent response) that you didn’t care what the reviewers said. (bear in mind that I only mentioned your point about combat, and in no way talked about the game in general.)

    4. I asked (specifically continuing to speak about the combat) if you were right, and all of the reviewers (later corrected to not be “ALL” by DD) were wrong.

    5. You accused me (falsely) of saying that there were no positive reviews of Knack by direct implication.

    To conclude…

    You have accused me (by direct implication) of saying something about a game, when I never even typed a single keystroke about its overall quality.

    So… You fail *YET AGAIN*.

    (PS. this is the part where you get frustrated at getting proved wrong for the nth time, and either disappear, or call me a bully.)

    #74 10 months ago
  75. Ireland Michael


    Wow… just…

    #75 10 months ago
  76. KineticCalvaria

    Wow, so every conversation pretty much plays out the same. Hmm…

    #76 10 months ago
  77. Dave Cook

    One second guys, I just finished that bag of popcorn. Can you pause this fuck-fest while I go out to get some more? Cheers.

    #77 10 months ago
  78. Djoenz

    Ireland Michael please dont go further into it. He is just making a fool out of himself twisting your words and all and taking everything out of context just to be a smart ass.

    #78 10 months ago
  79. KineticCalvaria

    @77, isn’t it funny how we’ve had 2 of these fuck fests this week, both involving a certain individual. ;-)

    #79 10 months ago
  80. Ireland Michael

    @77, Sorry Dave, the after-credit scene just played. It was pretty hilarious.

    @79, I’m not really sure a short back and forth debate where one person expresses an opinion and the other goes off on an explosive, narcissistic tirade really counts as an explosive fuckfest.

    Sorry to disappoint you guys. =P

    #80 10 months ago
  81. Dark

    The Comments section =

    #81 10 months ago
  82. Beta

    This thread.. :’) Getting me through my lunch break cheers guys ;)

    #82 10 months ago

    This is cool. It’s like… Let’s line up to get pwnd by G1GA.


    Twisting words…? That’s funny.

    No, really. “twisting your words”! The desperation of some people is just ridiculous sometimes.

    #83 10 months ago
  84. Ireland Michael

    Yes, it really is, isn’t it?

    #84 10 months ago
  85. Joe Musashi

    @77 I’m pretty sure there’s a .gif for that.


    #85 10 months ago
  86. KineticCalvaria

    @80, I meant on his side not yours, conversation always plays out the same with that one.

    If we ignore him he may go away. :-)

    #86 10 months ago
  87. Djoenz

    The one that sounds really desperate is you. It was just his opinion you’re the one that makes it much more than it really is.

    This aint no battlefield lmao.

    Here is sum gangsta shit for yall ears KEEP IT ON THA REAL:
    Keep it 100.

    #87 10 months ago

    No reply, because he keeps proving himself wrong.

    Just diversion and waffle.

    How does he manage it? It’s amazing.

    If I kept saying stupid things so frequently, I’d just shut up, instead of repeating the same pathetic mistakes over and over again…

    #88 10 months ago
  89. Ireland Michael


    Now, that shall be the first and last gif I ever post on the Internet.


    @87 Its not a battlefield, but he had to heed the call of duty.

    @88 This man is not a childish bully! Hear me now, courts! IT IS THE TRUTH, SO I SAY ON THE WORD OF GOD!

    #89 10 months ago
  90. VibraniumSpork

    How has this not been posted yet? You guys…

    #90 10 months ago


    His opinion was what, exactly?

    #91 10 months ago
  92. monkeygourmet

    The problem originated in IM’s ‘sweeping’ statements:

    “EVERYONE who plays Knacks likes it &
    EVERYONE knew Ryse was going to be terrible.”

    It’s hard to bolster sweeping statements like that when Ryse has scored a lot higher than Knack.

    Then trying to draw personal opinion into it afterwards when the comment started with ‘everyone’ is a bit of a clusterfuck…


    I should have not said ‘a lot higher’ just ‘higher’.

    #92 10 months ago
  93. TheBlackHole


    I was referencing a different one of your posts – my oversight.

    I’ve no doubt you enjoyed Knack, but you’re speaking as if you’ve already played Ryse front to back. If you’re going to state how important experiencing a game is to forming an opinion (“I don’t give a flying fuck what the reviewers have said when I’ve actually played the game and come to the conclusion myself”), you probably ought not to contradict yourself by shitting on something you’ve never played.

    “The game has barely any gameplay to actually speak of.”
    “Ryse is even more limiting and basic that Kratos’ outings.”

    That’s not stating an opinion. that’s stating something as fact.


    What’s your point? It looked shit and it reviewed badly. The scores were in line with my expectations. I never said it WAS shit, because I haven’t played it.

    On the other hand, I’ve played Ryse, and I liked it.

    #93 10 months ago
  94. Ireland Michael

    @92 A sweeping statement I corrected in a later post. I fully agreed it was bad phrasing.

    #94 10 months ago
  95. bradk825

    @77 I just got up and this has 91 comments. If you’re out of popcorn have some of my eggs and bacon here while I go over them, lol

    I am still picking up Ryse tonight. I expected fairly poor reviews, but based on everything I’ve seen from it, every once in a while that mindless action movie stuff is exactly what I need. And I can be a sucker for pretty graphics, as well as dismemberment.

    #95 10 months ago



    So true.

    It’s exactly those sweeping statements that can’t be backed up, then quickly end up turning into overly-defensive ‘**** off! It’s my opinion!’ sulks, that happen time and time again.

    #96 10 months ago
  97. Ireland Michael

    @93 “you probably ought not to contradict yourself by shitting on something you’ve never played.”

    I said it doesn’t *look* fun, based on the elements of this kind of game I enjoy, and what video footage and reviews seem to think the game is lacking. I will be playing it in a couple of days, and if that changes my perception of the game, I will say as such.

    I never said my opinion was some sort of infallible, concrete fact mate.

    #97 10 months ago
  98. Djoenz

    I see where MonkeyGourmet is coming from. You are on point unlike GigaHurtz. He is terrible at discussions.

    Look out Michael before he outs your FB page.

    #98 10 months ago
  99. Ireland Michael

    @98 Oh no,someone on the Internet might know I have a face!


    #99 10 months ago
  100. gamereck36

    One low review score I understand but 6 and 7 bad scores means this game might be a renter.

    #100 10 months ago
  101. G1GAHURTZ


    Ignoring the question, because you didn’t even know what you were talking about in the first place, eh?

    I like you, Djoenz. You’re delightful at times.

    #101 10 months ago
  102. DrDamn

    Just highlighting the difference between your reaction to bad reviews for a game you wanted and one you didn’t. There must be some other explanation for the one you wanted, but the one which matched your preconception was no surprise and obviously spot on.

    #102 10 months ago
  103. G1GAHURTZ

    I’ve got a suggestion for the site redesign.

    There should be an option to include signatures, and O’Connor’s should be this:

    I have a bad habit of using absolutes when it’s not what I actually mean, bad habit.

    Classic, that one.

    #103 10 months ago
  104. monkeygourmet


    Either way, when it comes to Knack vs. Ryse, one thing that can’t be denied:

    Both games will be in the bargain bins come Feb…

    #104 10 months ago
  105. Ireland Michael

    @102 I’ve already explained that though. It’s not that it meets my preconceptions (plenty of games I’ve looked forward to turned out to be shit, and plenty more titles surprised me out of nowhere), but that I think the wider public will also be disapproving. Again, only an opinion.

    We’ll have to wait and see in the coming days. I’m more than happy to see if people enjoy the game. I’m interested in seeing why.

    #105 10 months ago
  106. legion2013

    rise scores:
    Kotaku – Yes
    GamesBeat – 86
    Xbox360achievements – 80
    Gameswelt – 75 – 75
    EGM – 75
    GameTrailers – 70
    Eurogamer Italy – 70 – 70
    Gamesradar – 70
    VideoGamer – 70
    OXM – 70 – 70
    IGN – 68 – 65
    NZGamer – 65
    Vandal Online – 64
    games(TM) – 60
    Polygon – 50
    GameInformer – 60 – 60
    NowGamer – 55
    Eurogamer – 50
    Shacknews – 50
    Destructoid – 50
    Joystick : 50
    cvg – 50
    Joystiq – 50
    Gamespot – 40
    Metro GameCentral – 30

    #106 10 months ago
  107. KineticCalvaria

    @98, love it Djoenz, you legend.

    #107 10 months ago
  108. monkeygourmet

    Suprised Kotaku went with a ‘YES’.

    I hope they go into great detail about Kinect features in Ryse after they declared Mario 3D World ‘YES’ (but a not very good Wii U showcase).

    If your judging Wii U games on tablet features, then Xbone games should be judged on Kinect features and PS4 games on touchpad / speaker features.

    #108 10 months ago
  109. G1GAHURTZ

    Let’s play spot the difference!

    Everyone knew Ryse was going to be terrible from the moment they saw it. As with everything Crytek makes, it’s a technical marvel with no soul. This scores were entirely predictable.


    We’ll have to wait and see in the coming days. I’m more than happy to see if people enjoy the game. I’m interested in seeing why.

    What a climb down, eh?

    #109 10 months ago
  110. monkeygourmet


    I think it’s quite obvious that he should have taken a deep breath and started with his second comment in this thread.

    #110 10 months ago
  111. Ireland Michael

    No climb down at all. If *some* people enjoy it, power to them. It’s no skin off my back.

    You seem to have a hard time understanding the idea that people can have different opinions, and still have them be equally as valid. People expected the game to score badly, and it did, but public opinion might be different.

    #111 10 months ago
  112. DrDamn

    @Ireland Michael
    That wasn’t directed at you :)

    #112 10 months ago
  113. G1GAHURTZ



    I hope some lessons can be learned.

    #113 10 months ago
  114. Francis O

    Yup, just like I said. This game sucks.

    #114 10 months ago
  115. Djoenz

    Ok then its over right? Michael stated now twice his statements might be overblown. Yet you take those statements and twist it again just to continue this nonsense.

    Shake hands please.

    #115 10 months ago
  116. Ireland Michael

    @115 Its the Internet. Its an easy soapbox for people who enjoy flaunting their superiority complexes, sadly. Lord forbid people be mildly fallible.

    #116 10 months ago
  117. Gekidami

    “If your judging Wii U games on tablet features, then Xbone games should be judged on Kinect features and PS4 games on touchpad / speaker features.”

    No. The Wii U’s pad was sold by Nintendo as being the main attraction, the reason it exists. Then comes along the first decent first party game and it barely uses it (which is looking like a rerun of last gen where the best first party Wii games just had you turn the mote on its side and use it as a normal pad).

    On the other hand MS have only really been pushing Kinect as a “neat way” to navigate the menus, they havent put much focus on it when it comes to games. The touch pad and speaker for PS4 are just ‘there’, Sony havent been pushing them at all.

    So its in no way comparable.

    #117 10 months ago
  118. KineticCalvaria

    Let it go guys… :)

    #118 10 months ago
  119. Reddpayn

    Cryteks crap, almost as poor execution as knack, hah. Thats a little poem for you guys.

    #119 10 months ago
  120. legion2013

    Rise VS Knack

    #120 10 months ago
  121. TheBlackHole

    “There must be some other explanation for the one you wanted”

    I never said that ‘there must be some explanation’. I pointed out that reviews factor in multiple viewpoints unrelated to game quality. That goes for Knack too, evidenced by the superior user score vs review score or metacritic.

    Even if all that weren’t true, I wouldn’t need an explanation. I’ve played Ryse, and I know I like its core gameplay.


    #121 10 months ago
  122. Djoenz

    I think smartglass and the speaker in the DS4 will have a lot of potential.

    Ingame calls you can receive on your mobile phone and through the speaker.
    Imagine a horror game where you get a call from someone ingame but you need to pick up using the touchpad or mobile phone and in the case of the DS4 you hear the npc whispering while shitting his pants.


    #122 10 months ago
  123. Dragon

    I just meant it as a joke. Both are very different games meant for very different audiences.
    Should have added a smiley :)

    #123 10 months ago
  124. Ireland Michael

    @118 Well, it took 118 comment, but we finally have a platform bias accusation.

    I have absolutely no format biass. I’ve supported every major console equally since the days of the Amstrad / Spectrum / C64.

    I take personal issue with some of Microsoft’s recent practises, but that is irrelevant to the quality of the games. Good games are all that matter. Just yesterday, I was congratulating Forza on its great scores, and I consider the launch lineup for *both* consoles to be severely lacking.

    #124 10 months ago
  125. TheBlackHole


    “I consider the launch lineup for *both* consoles to be severely lacking.”

    I think we can all agree on that.

    #125 10 months ago
  126. Gekidami

    That terrible Silent Hill game on Wii did that. I dont know what the quality of the speaker on PS4 is like, but if its anything like the Wii, then no thanks. There was a puzzle at one point that forced you to listen to a message through the mote, it was inaudible.

    #126 10 months ago
  127. Djoenz

    Someone told me that Wii had that. Damn I have been missing out. Thats a shame cause the concept really intrigues me!

    BTW I have noticed I added you on the Rockstar social club since Max Payne 3 lol. You still up for Heists on GTA when it releases?

    #127 10 months ago
  128. Gekidami

    ^ If it comes out on PS4, sure.

    You really werent missing much, btw. Which is a good way to resume the whole Wii experience.

    #128 10 months ago
  129. Edo

    LOL .

    #129 10 months ago
  130. Djoenz

    Well even if I get a ps4 in the next 1-2 years I wont rebuy GTAV no way.

    #130 10 months ago
  131. DrDamn

    “That goes for Knack too”

    That was kinda my point, it didn’t in your comment. Your reaction to the Knack reviews came across as a self congratulatory pat on the back “Called it!”. Where here it’s more “that doesn’t match my experience … reviews are rubbish”. Reviews are rubbish in general, that I agree with.

    #131 10 months ago
  132. TheBlackHole

    “Your reaction to the Knack reviews came across as a self congratulatory pat on the back “Called it!”.”

    Yeah, there was a little bit of that.

    #132 10 months ago
  133. Ireland Michael


    #133 10 months ago
  134. livewired500

    Well, this is a complete shock that it would be getting mediocre scores considering Ryse started as a Kinect game for the 360.

    #134 10 months ago
  135. monkeygourmet


    “Then comes along the first decent first party game and it barely uses it”

    Well… You play the whole game on it, it uses off screen play, it allows access to the Miiverse and drawing community (a feature only possible on the tablet), it uses the touchscreen and mic…

    I don’t know what else you would want from the device? The off screen play is a feature that is unique to a single console set up. People complain about ‘tacked on waggle’, then complain if features aren’t used to their liking…

    MS has spent a great deal talking up Kinect 2 and it’s gaming potential, so don’t try and make out it’s now suddenly a ‘neat way to navigate menu’s…’

    #135 10 months ago
  136. TheBlackHole


    “MS has spent a great deal talking up Kinect 2 and it’s gaming potential”

    I honestly haven’t seen much of that. And what I did see was more around its ability to be an experience additive through voice and gesture (i.e. lean, or menu navigation) that through core gameplay control.

    #136 10 months ago
  137. manamana

    Honestly, those scores were expected. Crytec build great engines – storytellers they ain’t.

    #137 10 months ago
  138. bradk825

    How much of the comments are about Ryse in this thread. About 40%?

    #138 10 months ago
  139. bradk825

    EGM gave it a 75 after giving Forza a shit score? How drunk are they?

    #139 10 months ago
  140. monkeygourmet


    The same number as it’s metacritic!

    Ba zinga! :)

    #140 10 months ago
  141. Spider Law

    On topic. I dont care about the reviews much for this. I just want to try it out and see for myself. Although i am no longer planning on ever buying an Xbox One, I am a sucker for Greek and Roman mythoogy so i will end up playing through this somehow. Probably at my local PC and Xbox play center.

    #141 10 months ago
  142. monkeygourmet


    Of course, but it’s there none the less. MS even turned Rare into a Kinect focused gaming dev much to everyone’s dismay.

    All I was saying is, these new play controls are in each of the boxes. You can’t judge one without judging them all.

    Nintendo’s promises with the WII U pad have largely been realised if you actually look at the software. Most of the demo’s of functionality have ended up in software form. Wether you want those is another matter entirely, but for Kotaku to say Mario ‘fails at being a Wii U game’ is a little stupid IMO. If you are going down that road, then all games should make use of the options that are available too them. Or not. You can’t single one out.

    There have been many interviews with devs drumming up hype for Kinect, the same way Nintendo hyped the pad. It’s business that’s all.

    #142 10 months ago
  143. polygem

    buy wiius and 3ds´s people. playstations and xboxes are for next years christmas.


    #143 10 months ago
  144. KineticCalvaria

    @144, still looking forward to your PS4 next week Poly? :P

    #144 10 months ago
  145. polygem

    @145: you bet! i cannot wait for that thing to arrive. i´m even going to a launch party at the sony center with a friend here in berlin. i HATE events like this but they sell ps4´s early there and he preordered late. might be a chance for him to get one at launch :)
    i don´t expect too much from the ps4 -it will be a nice and fun machine but i know we´ll probably see the usual games draught in the coming months and then it´ll be picking up steam with the second wave early next year – but i´m pumped anyway. i am looking forward to playing bf4 with the new controller, 64 players, 60fps.

    #145 10 months ago
  146. Nephilimator

    Wow DVRSxboxone games suck hard. Games are a secondary thought though for DVRXBOXONE. More focus needs to be made for watching days of our lives, scanning QR codes, and talking with inlaws on skype.

    #146 10 months ago
  147. Lewis247

    Was never hopeful about this game but the launch line up is so weak. BF 4 on PS4 better get fixed by Christmas.

    #147 10 months ago
  148. fearmonkey

    I don’t get the Knack Vs Ryse review comparisons, who cares which had the lower or higher scores. Buy or rent the game and make your own decision, they are in the range of scores that means its not a definite hit, but you may like the game if you try it.

    Anyone remember the first Two Worlds game? It got terrible reviews, and I ended up loving that game and putting over a hundred hours into it. When GTA:IV came out and I went out and got it because of all the stellar reviews and got bored with it and quit. Games like music has subjective tastes, don’t listen to reviews, give the games your interested in a chance.

    Killzone:SF got mixed reviews and I am really enjoying the Single player so far, the further I get into it, the more I like it. I look forward to trying Knack and Ryse one day when I get an Xbox One.

    Fanboys celebrating low review scores puzzles me, we are all gamers, having great games to play is what matters, not the brand name.

    #148 10 months ago
  149. Lewis247

    @149 I agree, the loyalty gamers have for companies confuses me so much. It’s like they are celebrating the fact they are limiting the amount of games they can play?

    #149 10 months ago
  150. Cort

    So … the PS4′s “poor” launch line-up has a higher Metacritic score average than the One’s “superior” launch line-up, and Forza 5 is scoring lower than NfS:R?

    Oh dear. That didn’t go to plan, did it?

    #150 10 months ago
  151. Legendaryboss

    Oh my lord! No.

    #151 10 months ago
  152. Dimaco

    Let’s be honest: who didn’t see this coming?

    #152 10 months ago
  153. Legendaryboss

    The 150+ thread or the reviews?

    #153 10 months ago
  154. Dimaco

    I was referring to the scores, actually… but I guess it applies to both! :-)

    #154 10 months ago
  155. manamana

    Sooo, what is the Kinect actually good for? They launch the console bundled only with Kinect but have nothing at launch to showcase? Hmm, interesting.

    #155 10 months ago
  156. Legendaryboss

    Have you not heard? Xbox One IS Kinect: They are one and the same.

    Serious answer: MS have a Kinect Sports Rival free trial and Ubisoft’s The Fighter Within.

    #156 10 months ago
  157. manamana

    Ah ok, didn’t know about the Ubisoft title. But then, Ryse was developed for 360s Kinect, then delayed to this gen, just to see it works better with a controller…
    Ubisoft might be the only reason for kinect as I remember Dance Central was going strong at home and I imagine that a new Dance title will show up for Xbone

    #157 10 months ago
  158. Ekona

    Well you know what? This is actually okay. Granted, I’m really not very far in, but it looks stunning and the voice control works well too. Me likes.

    It’s clearly lacking a bit of depth, but that doesn’t make it unenjoyable.

    #158 10 months ago
  159. Djoenz

    Checking out Twitch now. The graphics are insane! Infamous Sparta kick aha.

    #159 10 months ago
  160. viralshag

    Just checking in to say I’ve been playing this game for a while now and so far I think it’s great. It’s got a very similar combat style to the Arkham games focusing on timing and a variety of enemy types.

    You COULD button bash your way through this very quickly but I don’t know why you would…I mean, the game really does look amazing and when you actually try to nail the combat and land combos and executions, it’s very satisfying.

    Short clip of me early on actually having a nice run in combat here if you want to check it out:

    #160 10 months ago
  161. Dragon

    ^First view on that link belongs to me :P

    Looks great too. Cannot say about controls since I haven’t played it.

    #161 10 months ago
  162. G1GAHURTZ

    Wow. So uploading gameplay is that easy?

    I wanna see some picture in picture commentary, next time!

    #162 10 months ago
  163. viralshag

    Gratz ;)

    I’m really loving the upload features of the console. I’ve never been into the whole video sharing thing but it’s so easy I’ll do more now I think.

    @Giga, I uploaded straight to Skydrive and then from my iPad sent it from Skydrive to YouTube. Now I know how it would take me about 5 minutes or less I reckon to get it on YouTube.

    There might be an easier way…

    #163 10 months ago
  164. G1GAHURTZ

    Well, that sounds easy enough as it is.

    With MW3 and BO2 (they removed it in CoDG), you linked your CoD Elite account to your YouTube account, and as soon as you uploaded a vid, it went there straight away.

    But yeah, having to do it from SkyDrive doesn’t seem like much of a big deal, though.

    #164 10 months ago
  165. viralshag

    I’ll look into it more today, there might be a better way that I’m missing.

    #165 10 months ago

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