Zombie Apocalypse

Human Element is Bowling’s zombie apocalypse game, slated for 2015

Robert Bowling has revealed his firm’s first project, Human Element, will focus on surviving the zombie apocalypse.

9 years ago

Zombie Apocalypse headlines

  • Xbox Live Deal of the Week is zombie-themed

    Nelson’s posted up this week’s Xbox Live Deal of the Week offerings. They’re zombie themed, don’t you know?

    10 years ago
  • Nihilistic to release Zombie Apocalypse on PSN today

    Mark Cooke, community manager and designer for Nihilistic Studios, has announced over on the US PS Blog that the firm’s PSN title Zombie Apocalypse lands on PSN today for $9.99.You will be able to wield chainsaws, make use of environmental hazards, and use the zombie bait grenade not to lead them to environmental hazards to […]

    11 years ago
  • Warriors, zombies and ION things hit Live

    Major brings word that The Warriors: Street Brawl, Zombie Apocalypse and ION Assault are now available on Live.If you’ve got nothing better to do than be a warrior, a zombie or an ION thing, it’s your lucky day, clearly.

    11 years ago
  • Rumor: Nihilistic unleashing Zombie Apocalypse on Live and PSN

    Destructoid has found ample evidence that a Zombie Apocalypse is in store for XBL and PSN users, all thanks to THQ and Nihilistic.Reportedly, the arcade-style game will support online multiplayer, with players saving the masses from impending doom over several in-game days. Weapons will vary, but chainsaws and environmental hazards will be your friends, apparently.Just […]

    12 years ago