Legend of Raven trailer shows off new versions

A new trailer for Legend of Raven shows off how lovely it will look on the Playstation 4.

7 years ago

Yatagarasu headlines

  • Legend of Raven coming to Vita, is upgraded Yatagarasu

    3DS fighter Yatagarasu is coming to 3DS with a new title. Siliconera reports the Vita port is named Legend of Raven, and includes a new soundtrack, parallaxing backgrounds and ad-hoc play. The port coms courtesy of Nicalis, but the original was built by Circle Edge, a team of King of Fighters development veterans. Its eight […]

    7 years ago
  • Ex-King of Fighters team take 2D brawler Yatagarasu to IndieGoGo

    Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm is the first project from three former King of Fighters developers at SNK. They’ve been working on it for six years, and are now looking for a final crowd-funding push on IndiegGoGo to bring the game to PC.

    8 years ago
  • King of Fighters veterans behind Nicalis's Yatagarasu

    Yatagarasu is a fighting game destined for the European and US 3DS eShops thanks to Nicalis. Siliconera reports the brawler was developed by Circle Edge, a three-man team with serious fighting chops thanks to a history with the King of Fighters franchise. It boasts eight playable characters; training, replay and versus modes in addition to […]

    8 years ago