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Microsoft details community XNA games business model

Microsoft will start selling user-created games on Xbox Live this autumn, the firm announced today, at three different prices – the equivalent of $2.50, $5 or $10.Up to 70 percent of the revenue will be split with the games’ creators. As is already known, any game to make it to the store and be valid […]

13 years ago

XNA Creators Club headlines

  • XNA Live closed beta opens

    Microsoft’s announced that the beta for the Community Games on Xbox Live has entered closed beta.Only premium members from the XNA Creators Club are eligible to take part at the moment, membership of which costs $99 per year.See here.

    13 years ago
  • XNA will help Live "leapfrog" PSN and WiiWare, says Microsoft

    Speaking to GI, David Edery, Xbox Live Arcade’s worldwide portfolio planner, said that user-created games will set Xbox Live apart from its rivals.“I certainly think from an innovation perspective it’s going to help us leapfrog the competition, effectively until they find a way to duplicate it, assuming they ever do,” he said.“To some extent it […]

    13 years ago
  • GDC: Microsoft releases XNA Creators Club Game Launcher

    Look here. According to the Major:Download the XNA Creators Club Game Launcher in order to play the special preview selection of game demos created by the community using XNA Game Studio. When your download is complete, go to the Games Library, select My Games, and navigate to the XNA Creators Club category along the top. […]

    13 years ago