WWE 13

Nostalgia is brilliant: how men in tights saved a weekend

WWE 13 may not be GOTY material, but its Attitude mode serves up a heady dose of rollicking nostalgia. Dave Cook discusses why fond memories often justify flaws.

WWE 13 headlines

  • WWE '13 launch trailer gives your candy ass some attitude

    WWE ’13 is out this week in all territories. THQ and Yuke’s have released the game’s official launch trailer, highlighting the game’s re-telling of the awesome ‘Attitude’ era. Watch the carnage below.

  • WWE '13 reviews begin, get the scores here

    WWE ’13 reviews have begun. The latest game from THQ and Yuke’s tackles the stellar ‘Attitude’ era of WWE, back when Stone Cold hit the scene, and The Rock and Mankind were happy to batter twelve shades of shit out of one another on a weekly basis. Get the scores below.

  • Slobberknocker: WWE '13 trailer sees Jim Ross interviewing Stone Cold & CM Punk

    WWE ’13 has received a new trailer from THQ, this time showing legendary commentator Jim Ross interviewing icons Stone Cold Steve Austin and CM Punk. It’s going to be a barn-burner. Watch it below.

  • WWE 13 Universe Mode screens and trailer lay the smack down on you

    Universe Mode is back in WWE 13 with brand-new features which allow players to create shows and pay-per-views. They can also view statistics and create your their storylines. Have a look at the video and screens for the mode below, alongside some beefy character art. WWE ’13 on sale October 30 for PS3, Wii, and […]

  • WWE '13 DLC slate revealed, season pass detailed

    WWE ’13 is out October 30th, and THQ has revealed its DLC and season pass plans. Expect more wrestlers and other goodies to follow post-launch. Get the full content list below.

  • WWE '13 TV spot promises a revolution, brings pain

    WWE ’13 has received a TV spot hosted by CM Punk. Check out the testosterone, heavy hits and more below. The game launches October 30th, will you be getting it?

  • WWE '13 will allow players to re-live the DX era and Suck it!

    WWE 13 will allow players to don the spandex undies of D-Generation X via the Attitude Era included in the wrestling game. While the original DX group contained Rick Rude, Chyna, Triple H and Shawn Michaels, later on in the late 90s X-Pac, the New Age Outlaws, and Tori showed up. We can only see […]

  • WWE '13: new screens of legendary Mankind Vs. Rock 'I Quit' bout

    WWE ’13 has received a quartet of new screens from THQ and Yuke’s showing off some King of the Ring action, CM Punk sitting on a throne and The Rock trash talking Mankind during their infamous 1999 ‘I Quit’ bout, that saw both fighters go through hell. Get the shots below.

  • WWE '13: can you smell what this new Rock trailer is cooking?

    WWE ’13 focuses on the Warzone era of wrestling, and fewer stars lit up the ring like the Rock. THQ has revealed a new trailer focusing on the rise of the People’s Champ and his haywire eyebrows. Watch it below.

  • WWE '13 trailer features Mike Tyson discussing the WWE

    WWE ’13 has a new trailer with features Mike Tyson discussing his time in the WWE, which he has sporadically participated in since 1990. IN the video, he speaks with Paul Heyman a professional wrestling promoter, manager, commentator and journalist. Tyson is a playable character in the game. WWE ’13 launches in October on PS3, […]

  • WWE '13 trailer shows off final roster

    WWE ’13 has an all-new roster made up of familiar and new faces. You can see who has made the cut in THQ’s new trailer.

  • THQ excited by Tyson's inclusion in WWE '13

    Speaking to VG247’s very own Dave Cook, THQ’s Corey Ledesma has told how the publisher is excited to have controversial boxer Mike Tyson on board for WWE ’13.

  • WWE '13 interview: THQ gets ready to lay the smackdown

    WWE ’13 is back for another year of brawling and testosterone. Dave Cook asks THQ’s Corey Ledesma about what’s new this year, and why this could be the greatest entry yet.

  • Wii U to miss out on WWE '13

    WWE ’13 won’t be heading to Wii U and there are no plans to bring it to 3DS, PC or PS Vita either, THQ has confirmed.

  • THQ announces Live mode for WWE 13

    THQ has released a new video for WWE 13, which shows off the Live mode in the wrastlin’ game. The mode contains Spectacular Moments, including ring breaks and barricade crashes. The brand-new audio and presentation system in Live was designed to produce “the most authentic and vibrant commentary, sound effects and crowd participation levels ever […]

  • WWE 13 Austin 3:16 Edition to include ATV entrance

    The only way you’ll get to see Stone Cold Steve Austin’s trademark ATV ring entrance in WWE 13 is by purchasing his signature edition.

  • WWE 13 roster includes playable Mike Tyson

    Presented without comment: Mike Tyson appears as a playable character in the upcoming WWE 13. Trailer and screens within.

  • Best in the World: CM Punk to front WWE '13 cover

    CM Punk will be this year’s cover star for WWE ’13, along with a release date for the game.

  • WWE 13 trailer turns up, shows November 1 launch date

    What appears to be the first trailer for WWE 13 has slipped out ahead of schedule, inviting fans to Live the Revolution.