and NCsoft lawsuit moved to California courts has moved its lawsuit against NCsoft from Eastern Texas district court to Northern California, reports Patent Arcade. As of May 4, the alleged infringements suit will be moved because the Texas Supreme Court issued a ruling that “limits the discretion available to a trial court to determine if a case should be dismissed if […] headlines

  • CEO: If we beat NCsoft in court, Blizzard's next boss Thom Kidrin has told SAI that he’s “absolutely” going to sue Linden Lab and Blizzard over the fact they’ve created virtual worlds in Second Life and World of Warcraft. Kidrin claims the idea of a scalable virtual world with thousands of users is his company’s patented IP, and has already sued NCsoft over […]

  • NCSoft will defend itself "vigorously" against a lawsuit that has "no merit"

    In light of the recent lawsuit filed by, NCSoft told videogaming247 this afternoon that whilst it can’t comment on specific cases, it takes all legal action seriously and that the company intends to defend itself “vigorously”. “We can’t comment on potential litigation except to say that NCsoft takes all legal action seriously – even […]

  • files suit against NCSoft over multiplayer virtual environments has filed a suit against NCSoft for alleged patent infringement on multiplayer virtual environments. apparently has dibs on, “System and Method for Enabling Users to Interact in a Virtual Space”, according to patent number 7,181,690, filed back in February 2008. According to the company’s site, “ is the pioneering platform in 3D virtual […]