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Wipeout HD officially announced for Blu-ray release on PS3

SCEE has announced PSN hit Wipeout HD will see a Blu-ray release for PlayStation 3. The release will include the original game, as well as the recently released Fury expansion, all for £19.99 and released on October 16. It comes as it was rumoured this morning a Dutch PS3 site had the game listed for […]

Wipeout Hd Fury headlines

  • Rumour - Wipeout HD to get Blu-ray release on October 16, includes Fury [Update]

    Update: Confirmed. October 16 for £19.99. Original Story: Tag this as a rumour for now, but according to PS3Hype, a Blu-ray version of PSN hit Wipeout HD is getting a Blu-ray release on October 16. The game includes everything which made the original release great, as well as the recently released Fury expansion pack, with […]

  • WipEout HD Fury videos show loads of speed, color, sound

    WipEout HD Fury has five new videos for it. Each is very speedy, colorful, and loaded with music and sound effects. Looks grand. Gamespot has em posted here, here, here, here and here.

  • WipEout HD Fury dev diary talks Zone Tracks

    A new developer diary for WipEout HD Fury has landed and in it, artist Rita Linsley talks about Zone Tracks, and how it’s “likened to riding an atom in a particle accelerator.” There are loads of concept art posted as well, and each is very psychedelic in nature. It’s all over on the US PS […]

  • WipEout HD Fury landing on PS3 next week

    Zico Liu, programmer for the WipEout HD Fury, has announced via a developer diary that the expansion will be released on PSN July 23 for $9.99. The pack has three races: Eliminator, Zone Battle and Detonator, along with 12 new tracks, 13 new ships, 6 new music tracks, a redesigned menu system, a new campaign, […]

  • WipEout HD expansion pack going through QA testing

    Sony says the Fury expansion for WipEout HD is currently in the last bit of its QA testing and a release date will be announced when completed. “Once this is completed we will be in a position to announce the release date here on the PlayStation Blog,” said a rep on the EU PS Blog. […]

  • WipEout HD Fury dev diary talks concept art to production

    Marcus Tanner, the art director for WipEout Fury, has posted a developer diary over on the US PS Blog, describing the development process of the add-on pack. He walks you through concept art to production, and shows off some very nice looking environment pieces. “WipEout Fury is all about the use of bold structural shapes […]

  • WipEout HD Fury screens are bright and colorful

    Some new screens for WipEout HD Fury have been released. Very bright and colorful ones at that. Hit up the EU PS Blog to look at ’em. The DLC includes eight new tracks, 13 new ship models and three new game modes. Still no date, though.

  • WipEout HD Fury - first movie

    Get the first movie of WipEout HD upgrade pack Fury after the break. The DLC will include eight new tracks, 13 new ship models and three new game modes. No date as yet.