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  • Warface: straight up, no bollocks gunplay for free

    Warface is a fast-paced military shooter without the bombastic window dressing of CoD or Battlefield. VG247’s Dave Cook goes hands-on and speaks with Crytek about cutting to the chase.

  • Warface's next closed beta phase starts tomorrow

    Warface, the free-to-play FPS from Crytek, is getting another round of closed beta tests starting tomorrow.

  • Warface announced for "early 2014" release on Xbox 360

    Warface, the free-to-play shooter that’s in closed beta on PC, is coming to Xbox 360. The title is online only, so you will need an Xbox Live Gold account to play it. The game will be released on the system in “early 2014”. An announcement trailer is posted on IGN. You can also keep up […]

  • Warface gamescom trailer teases new content

    The latest trailer for Crytek’s free-to-play shooter Warface shows off some new additions not seen in its recent beta tests.

  • Warface re-emerges in closed beta form at gamescom next week

    Warface developer Crytek will showcase its free-to-play shooter at gamescom next week, following a period of silence on the game’s western release. The closed beta build will be playable on the show floor.

  • GDC Europe 2013: talks from Ubisoft, Crytek added to schedule

    GDC Europe 2013 organizers have announced Crytek executive producer Joshua Howard will provide a design session at the conference, as will Silent Hunter Online programmer Eugen Jiresch.

  • Warface: Crytek's teams not 'sitting still' on UK and US release

    Warface developer Crytek has been silent on the UK and US launch of its MMO shooter, but today the studio released a statement to ensure the game is optimised for launch. The studio has also confirmed that a second closed beta phase is coming soon.

  • Warface heading to Japan due to Crytek and NEXON partnership

    Crytek has announced a partnership with NEXON in order to bring its free-to-play FPS, Warface, to PC players in Japan.

  • Warface has 9 million players in Russia

    Crytek’s fee-to-play FPS Warface has over 9 million registered players in Russia alone. According to GI International, this figure is up from 5 million reported for the region in November 2012. According to new figures, 5% of players using the Mail.Ru’s servers are located in territories such as Kazakhstan and Zimbabwe – the later has […]

  • Warface trailer dramatically urges you to play both sides

    You may recall Warface’s recent, very interesting trailer on weapon modding. Do you know, some people didn’t find that interesting? “Stop showing actual gameplay mechanics and showing us in-game footage,” they complained. “Let us watch highly cinematic cutscenes instead.” So that’s what you’ll find below the break. I hope you’re happy.

  • New Warface trailer demonstrates on-the-move weapon modding

    In Crytek’s upcoming free-to-play online shooter Warface, you won’t need to wait until you’re dead to change out your weapon mods. You can do it on the fly as you’re running around. You can see what that looks like in the new trailer we just got.

  • Crytek expects to "transition entirely" to free-to-play within five years

    Crytek boss Cevat Yerli expects the firm to “transition entirely” to free-to-play within five years.

  • Warface closed beta trailer shows plenty of gunplay, no dubstep

    Warface entered closed beta on Western shores earlier this month, and to go long with the event developer Crytek has released a new gameplay trailer that shows plenty of near-future combat and a ton of gunplay.

  • Warface enters closed beta in North America

    Crytek and Trion have announced Warface has entered closed beta in North America. Thefree-to-play FPS shooter contains various co-op, and versus modes, and the beta will run until the game releases in the spring. You can sign up for it here.

  • Crytek expands into Istanbul

    Crytek has opened its eighth studio, Crytek Istanbul, which will focus on free-to-play and the firm’s Warface and Gface brands, Gamespot reports. The Istanbul arm will also oversee the CryEngine business in the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey. Other Crytek offices are located in Germany, Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria, South Korea, China, and the UK.

  • Warface: Crytek's warning shot to the 'free' market

    Warface is Crytek’s attempt at redefining the triple-a F2P market. VG247’s Dave Cook speaks with Crytek Kiev on the game’s development, and the state of $60 boxed titles.

  • Crytek CEO discusses his vision for the future of gaming and Crysis

    In a recent interview CEO of Crytek, Cevat Yerli, talks about Crysis 3, what’s next in the franchise, free-to-play, his desire for players not to have to think about the cost of the game to access it, Homefront 2 and Gface, their social gaming platform.

  • Crytek's Warface receives five million registered users in Russia

    Crytek might have taken a punt by moving towards free-to-play titles, but Warface seems to be exceeding expectations in Russia. The studio has announced over five million users have registered in the country alone.

  • Crytek: 'F2P could make PS3 the key console'

    Crytek boss Cevat Yerli has discussed why Sony’s move to the free-to-play market could propel PS3 to the top of the console food chain. It comes as his company moves into free-to-play development with Warface and other projects.

  • Warface screenshots show the shooter's campaign

    Warface, the free-to-play online FPS from Crytek, has some new screenshots available below the break showing off the game’s campaign. Warface is set in the near future, developed with CryEngine 3, and contains a constantly updated PvE universe complete with multiplayer and PVP. The game will be made available in Europe and the US as […]

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