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Thursday Shorts II: Spyro, MotorStorm, Iran 1979, WoW, Total Recall, Witcher 2

Time for some more shorts to get you ready for Friday. Just think: when you wake up tomorrow, your work week will be almost over. Isn’t that grand?

9 years ago

Virtual Worlds headlines

  • $148.5 million pumped into virtual worlds in Q3, says VWM

    According to Virtual Worlds Management, $148.5 million has been invested in in 12 virtual worlds-related companies during the third quarter, says IGN.The total investment in the virtual worlds space is now over $493 million and counting for this year alone. The Virtual Worlds London conference takes place October 20-21.Full thing through the link.By Mike Bowden

    12 years ago
  • 1 billion virtual world users in the next decade, says report

    According to this GamesDaily piece, a Strategy Analytics report has predicted that more than 1 billion people will use virtual worlds in the next ten years.The firm claims this will present an MMO service opportunity of some $8 billion.“Despite a multitude of challenges, virtual worlds present a unique marketing opportunity to target a highly sought […]

    13 years ago