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New VF5R fighters revealed

According to this IGN report, Sega’s announced the two new fighters for VF5R – an updated version of Virtua Fighter – that made a masked appearance at this year AUO arcade show in Tokyo.The two new contenders are Jean Kujo, a newcomer from France who uses karate and “distinctive footwork”, and Taka-Arashi, the sumo wrestler […]

13 years ago

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  • Virtua Fighter 5 R announced, no one knows what it is

    According to this, Sega announced Virtua Fighter 5 R at Japan’s AOU arcade show yesterday, but details are scant. Apparently the game will be a a “new series within the VF5 series” and not one of the normal updates to the arcade version, of which there have been four up till now.Apparently a trailer was […]

    13 years ago

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