Over 40 Xbox Live apps rolling out from now until Spring, Napster & Karaoke launch today

Xbox Live is to receive 40 new dashboard apps from today until Spring 2013 across various territories. Some are region specific while others are global, including an official GameTrailers app. Check out Major Nelson’s update below.

8 years ago

Vevo headlines

  • Apps Absolute Radio, UVideos and more added to XBL Marketplace

    New apps have been added to the Xbox Live Marketplace today, and you can find the offerings listed below.

    8 years ago
  • Limited edition brown Ouya and Vevo partnership announced

    A limited edition version of Ouya has been announced via the console’s Kickstarter page. You can only get in on the color this week when you pledge $140. If you have already pledged $99 for the silver model, add in the extra funds if you would rather have brown. The controller is also brown. The […]

    8 years ago
  • VEVO music video app now available on XBL

    Microsoft has announced the music video app VEVO is now available on Xbox Live. The YouTube mainstay features loads of music videos from both the present and the past with over 11,000 artists and 45,000 videos to choose from. The app, originally slated for a December release, also makes use of Kinect voice controls. Other […]

    9 years ago