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Xbox SmartGlass not “popular” or “responsive” enough – Ancel

Rayman Legends won’t support Xbox SmartGlass, despite its apparently compatibility the Wii U’s Game Pad-exclusive features.

Ubisoft Montpelier headlines

  • Beyond Good & Evil 2 hint appears on Ubisoft Facebook

    Beyond Good & Evil 2 may finally be happening, with Ubisoft dropping the most gentle of teases that Peyj and Jade will be back with us soon.

  • ZombiU 2 prototype development has begun, Ubisoft dev confirms

    ZombiU 2 is being prototyped as you read this, according to Ubisoft Montpelier’s creative director Jean-Philippe Caro.

  • ZombiU GDC panel talks perma-death, silent heroes & more

    ZombiU developer Ubisoft Montpelier has discussed its development cycle during a GDC panel discussion, and has shed light on the game’s difficulty, silent protagonists and key challenges met along the way.

  • Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag in the works at eight studios

    Ubisoft has diverted resources from eight separate development teams to Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag.

  • Rayman Legends Online Challenges Mode due on Wii U in April - free and exclusive

    Rayman Legends has a new feature called Online Challenges Mode, which is expected to arrive for free in April, exclusively on the Wii U eShop. This second “demo” supports up to five players, has onlien leaderboard support, and is a consolation prize for Wii U fans who expected Rayman Legends at the console’s launch, only […]

  • ZombiU dev would love to tackle co-op in future instalment, was scrapped in original

    ZombiU developer Ubisoft Montpelier did consider adding a co-op mode to its Wii U debut, and has revealed that it would be up for having a proper crack at it in a future instalment of the game. Note, this is not a sequel announcement, sit back down.

  • Zombi-U: Z-14 webcomic now complete

    Ubisoft’s tie-in webcomic ZombiU: Z-14 is finished. The episodic comic released once a day for two weeks, and charts the first 14 days after the zombie outbreak. You can read the whole thing online here; it’s well worth a look just for the cleverness of the quasi-animation sued to display different images as you scroll […]

  • ZombiU Survival mode winners celebrated by Ubisoft

    ZombiU’s Survival mode is so hard that Ubisoft Montpelier almost thought it was unbeatable – but at least nine brave souls have done it. As captured by Kotaku, Ubisoft has hidden messages in-game celebrating those who’ve achieved the difficult feat. Is your name on a wall somewhere? Do share. ZombiU is out now in the […]

  • ZombiU's fourth developer diary outlines asymmetrical multiplayer

    ZombiU uses the Game Pad in some pretty special ways, but probably none is as special as the one where you take on the role of the King of Zombies and beat the snot out of your couch multiplayer partner. Good times.

  • ZombiU developers were unsure if Survival mode were possible

    ZombiU’s Survival mode asks players to complete the entire game with just one player character, a challenge its developers weren’t even certain was possible until the very last minute.

  • ZombiU multiplayer: twice the screens, twice the genres

    “Asynchronous multiplayer” is a stupid way to describe people playing a game together in varying ways. Fortunately, WiiU launch title ZombiU makes the whole concept simple with its innovative RTS-FPS combination.

  • Rayman Legends demo drops on Wii U launch day

    Rayman Legends seems to be pretty high on many Wii U early adopter’s wish lists, and with this new batch of gorgeous screens, it’s not hard to see why. But for those of us not entirely convinced by platformers, a taster will hit the Wii U eShop in time for launch day.

  • ZombiU video: the opening sections, how the pad works

    With WiiU releasing this Sunday in the US, Sam Clay shows off brand new capture of Ubi Montpelier’s ground-breaking survival horror, ZombiU. See how the pad works, get insight from the devs.

  • ZombiU - adding a screen and breaking the mould

    If ZombiU is the first real example of what dual-screen gaming will bring to the core, the next generation’s future could be lush. Or soaked in gore. Either way, says Patrick Garratt, Ubi Montpelier’s undead debut breaks new ground.

  • ZombiU online elements inspired by Dark Souls

    Ubisoft Montpelier has copped to a disastrously sexy comparison: ZombiU has a little bit of Dark Souls in its DNA.

  • Rayman Origins trailer goes all out on Ancel action

    Ubisoft’s released a brand new trailer of Rayman Origins, featuring a cameo from creator Michel Ancel. It does look a pretty wee thing. Get it below the break. The 2D platformer’s out on November 25 for PS3, 360 and Wii.

  • From Dust PC delayed into August

    The PC version of god sim From Dust has been pushed back a few weeks. Woe.

  • I can move any mountain: From Dust hands-on

    A recent hands-on with Ubisoft’s From Dust saw VG247 turn divine creator, and, in the name of charity and good will, shepherd the weak through the valley of darkness. Hands-on impressions.

  • Rayman Origins gets ComicCon trailer

    Ubisoft’s released a minute-long trailer of Rayman Origins from ComicCon, pretty much showing off the awards it won at E3 as well as the “unofficial” awards. Ancel’s amazing-looking platformer is pretty much the reason why you haven’t seen BG&E2, but going by the E3 showing, that’s not as much as a bad thing as you […]

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