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Shift in Driver: SF only possible on this generation of consoles, says Relfections

Driver: San Francisco creative director Martin Edmondson has told VG247 that the big feature in the series’ new edition, known as Shift, would not have been possible on the last cycle of hardware.

11 years ago

Ubi Reflections headlines

  • Hands-on preview: Driver: San Francisco

    So. The secret’s out – Driver: San Francisco is coming, and it’s coming this holiday season for PS3, 360, PC and Mac, with a separate Wii title on the way.VG247 were in Newcastle at Ubisoft Reflections two weeks ago to check out the game before its reveal at Ubisoft’s press conference earlier tonight.But could this […]

    11 years ago
  • Interview: Driver: San Francisco's Martin Edmondson

    Driver is back. And it’s back in a big way. Reflections co-founder Martin Edmondson is keen to reflect that.The just-announced title is coming back to San Francisco, with the location teased in a video last Monday, having been in the first title in the series.Having not been around for the development of the last title […]

    11 years ago
  • Driver: San Francisco revealed for holiday 2010

    Ubisoft’s just revealed the long-awaited reboot of the Driver series that was teased last Monday, known as Driver: San Francisco.

    11 years ago
  • New Driver given FY2011 release by Ubi

    Hidden deep in Ubisoft’s press release for sales targets in Q3 and FY2009/2010, the company’s confirmed that a new Driver is on the way in FY2011.

    11 years ago