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  • Dyack: Too Human is up to 80 hours long

    Speaking with Kiziko, Silicon Knights’ controversial commander in chief, Dennis Dyack, revealed that if you want to reach level fifty in Too Human, the game can be anywhere from 50 to 80 hours in length. “First play through is probably around fifteen hours, I guess, it depends,” said Dyack. “To get to level fifty, it’s […]

  • Too Human demo hits 1 million downloads

    Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack has confirmed to VG247 that the Too Human demo has now been downloaded over 1 million times. The taster was confirmed as hitting 900,000 downloads last Friday, a Live demo record. The information came out of a Too Human event in London today, coverage of which is embargoed until 2pm […]

  • Too Human gold, 900,000 play demo

    Microsoft’s announced that Xbox 360 action RPG Too Human has gone gold and will make its announced August release dates in both the US and Europe. America will see the game on August 19, with Europe finally getting to see what all the fuss is about on August 29. The Silicon Knights game’s demo has […]

  • Denis Dyack, Penthouse pets, complete loss of dignity

    This is the worst one yet. Following Rob Bowling and Aaron Greenberg getting into bed with Penthouse models and talking about videogames at GDC this year, DasGamer’s released footage of Denis Dyack doing the same. The Silicon Knights boss opens with, “Too Human is a game where you play cybernetic god Baldur in the defence […]

  • Molyneux: "I feel sorry for Denis Dyack"

    In what easily wins the “quote of the day” competition, Peter Molyneux has said he feels sorry for Denis Dyack, and that Too Human doesn’t deserve the attention being poured on it by the h8torz. “I feel sorry for Denis Dyack because you know, I think a few things were said wrong, there was that […]

  • Exclusive Too Human armour shown off

    Microsoft just put out some shots of the Too Human armour UK gamers will get exclusively if they pre-order the action-RPG from either Game or Gamestation. Game’s out on August 29. After the break.

  • Denis Dyack in London on August 5

    Microsoft just confirmed that Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack is to be in London on August 5 as part of the Too Human launch period. Journalists are being promised access to the developer and hands-on with what we assume will be final code. The game itself launches in Europe on August 29. Anything you want […]

  • Too Human is "multi-platform," says OFLC

    According to this Kotaku post, Australian regulator the OFLC has classified two versions of Too Human, listing both of them as “multi-platform”. The two versions are apparently merely based on getting a softer rating for the Xbox 360 game, but both submissions are filed as “multi-platform” on the OFLC’s site. We’ll check this with Microsoft […]

  • Dyack "ecstastic" at Too Human demo response

    Denis Dyack told at E3 yesterday that he’s “ecstatic” at the response to the Too Human demo so far. He refused to say how many times the action RPG’s first level has been downloaded other than “a lot”. Game’s out August 29.

  • Microsoft's Spencer defends Dyack

    In wake of Silicon Knight head Denis Dyack’s now infamous NeoGaf post challenge regarding upcoming action-RPG Too Human, Microsoft Games Studios boss Phil Spencer told the MTVBlog that he admires the Silicon Knights’ boss’s passion. “I’ve never tried to shut down someone’s passion for a game,” he said. “I think that’s part of what [Too […]

  • Microsoft's E3 press release: all the games in one place

    Microsoft has put out a press release detailing all the game we can look forward to this year and next. You saw most of them this evening but there are a couple that didn’t make it. After the drop, if you please. By Mike Bowden

  • Too Human demo now live

    Major Nelson has let us know that the demo for Silicon Knight’s Too Human is now available for download. It’s 1.09Gb, and everyone can grab it except the Japanese. By Mike Bowden

  • Too Human demo will release at 6.00pm Monday

    Microsoft just put out a press release saying the Too Human demo will hit Live at 6.00pm, UK time, on Monday. The firm announced this morning that the taster – the action-RPG’s first level – would release on Monday as part of its “Bringing it Home” E3 Live events, but no specific time was given. […]

  • Too Human demo will go live during E3

    Microsoft’s announced that the Too Human demo will hit Xbox Live as part of its “Bringing it Home” E3 thinger, starting July 14. Live users will be able to get trailers, news from the show, interviews, gamerpics, themes, demos and all sorts of other stuff during the show, as well as the long-awaited Silicon Knights […]

  • Too Human: "The worst game I've played in the last five years"

    Oh diggedy dear. Following yesterday’s Wired revelation that Silicon Knights action-RPG Too Human was a meagre ten hours long, a poster on the Eurogamer forum, who also claims to have finished the game, has issued a withering broadside, claiming it’s, essentially, terrible. “This has to be the worst game I’ve played in the last five […]

  • Too Human is 10 hours long, "isn't for everyone"

    Blimey. Wired’s finished Too Human and apparently it only took ten hours from beginning to end. “Just as the story is ramping up and we get a big revelation about Baldur, the game’s over,” says the site. “I was genuinely shocked when the credit roll began, as I felt sure there was so much more […]

  • Dyack tells "the Gaf": Stand up and be counted on Too Human

    Silicon Knight’s Denis Dyack has posted a rallying cry to Too Human over at NeoGaf. He’s urging all those who are looking forward to Too Human to “stand up and be counted.” “Too Human will be out in August and I think there is going to be a lot of trolls crying here. Either way […]

  • Dyack talks Too Human "serving"

    Yet another Too Human gameplay movie, this time featuring Denis Dyack talking about “serving”. Essentially, this involves one player throwing up an enemy to allow another to “serve” it damage in the air. The action-RPG releases at the end of August. Footage after the link.

  • Gameplayer posts "mixed" thoughts on Too Human

    Uh oh. Aussie site Gameplayer’s posted hands-on impressions of Too Human, and the words really don’t augur well. “With PS3 owners smarter at the debacle which was Haze, could X360 fans have a similar embarrassment on the horizon with Too Human?” The site played the action-RPG at an Australian Microsoft event, and while quick to […]

  • New Too Human trailer shows co-op

    Microsoft just put out a new trailer of Too Human, showing off co-op play and Denis Dyack doing some talking. It looks good, if we’re being honest, so August 29 is a good day in VG247’s diary. After the link.

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