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Booster packs coming for Magic Ball, Cuboid and Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom

Booster packs are coming to Magic Ball, Cuboid, and Mahjong Tales: Ancient Widsom via PSN, says Creat Studios.The Magic Ball Booster Pack will be the first to land. Expect it this Thursday. Cuboid and Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom Booster Packs will be released in the coming weeks.Gives you something to look forward to.

12 years ago

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  • Cuboid coming exclusively to PSN soon

    The PSBlog writes that Creat Studios and TikGames’ puzzler, Cuboid, is coming soon and will be exclusive to PlayStation Network.Players must navigate ancient ruins and lush environments, manoeuvring a rectangular block through mystical exits. “Cuboid will bend your mind with its addictive puzzles and engage the senses with amazing graphics and soothing music, immersing you […]

    12 years ago