The Getaway

Shelved PS3 exclusive Eight Days looked “jaw dropping”, says developer

Eight Days, the PlayStation 3 exclusive which was cancelled in 2008, would have been “jaw-dropping”, a developer who played a role in the project told Eurogamer.

The Getaway headlines

  • Actual fact: Eight Days and Getaway cancellation was a "global decision"

    Nice to have some solidity among the scuttlebutt. Following confirmation this morning that Michael Denny has been promoted to SVP, Worldwide Studios Europe, SCEE has confirmed that the decision to can London Studios games Eight Days and The Getaway came from the higher-ups. “It was a global decision,” said a rep when asked if Denny […]

  • SCEE cancels Eight Days and The Getaway (update)

    Update: SCEE’s just issued the following on this: “We’re not going to make any further comment over what’s been said in the statement. We believe it sums it all up.” Sony’s announced that development of Eight Days and The Getaway has been cancelled. “It has been agreed that production of both Eight Days and The […]

  • Sony touting Getaway movie

    SCEE’s confirmed it’s going forward with a Getaway movie. The company is currently in talks with production companies and has a writer on board. “We are certainly talking to production houses about a movie for the third game in the Getaway series,” said Getaway writer Katie Ellwood. “The story and game script for this one […]