I learned a valuable lesson about my uncle’s suicide in GTA 5 roleplay

Warning: the following article discusses sensitive themes such as depression and suicide. The names of the players within have been changed.

3 months ago

Suicide headlines

  • Pokemon GO is preventing suicides at infamous Japanese cliffs

    The Japanese cliffs which see dozens of tragic deaths each year are experiencing improvements thanks to Pokemon GO.

    3 years ago
  • Wii Hanging was an accident, says coroner

    The story we ran about a boy who hanged himself after his father confiscated his new Wii game wasn’t exactly as clear cut as the dirge of British journalism, The Daily Mail, would have us believe. We should have known better, to be honest. What really happened was omitted from the The Daily Mail piece. […]

    12 years ago
  • Child commits suicide after parents confiscate Wii game

    Schoolboy Jake Roberts, 13, was found hanged in his bedroom by father after a row which led to the confiscation of his new Wii game. Jakes mother said at the inquest: “We gave him some money for his birthday so he went out and bought a computer game. “When he came back he wanted to […]

    12 years ago