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Star Trek Online gameplay trailer available now

The Star Trek Online site’s back up, and the gameplay trailer Cryptic showed in its Las Vegas reveal tonight is now available here. Watch it, seriously. It’s good shit, yo.

12 years ago

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  • Star Trek Online reveal crashes official site

    The official Star Trek Online site just showed a “too many connections” error before being taken offline, minutes after Cryptic Studios showed first footage and details of the game in Las Vegas via a live webcast. You can read all the news from the reveal here. Might want to stop trying to sign up on […]

    12 years ago
  • Star Trek Online launch sooner than you think, says Emmert

    Speaking at a Star Trek convention in Las Vegas tonight, Cryptic creative lead Jack Emmert failed to put a release date on Star Trek Online, but said it’s going to be sooner than you think. He joked that the game would be out sooner than three years, and said Cryptic had the technology set up […]

    12 years ago
  • Star Trek Online ship combat "slow-paced," planet combat "fact-paced" - first trailer shown

    Cryptic just showed the first gameplay trailer of Star Trek Online, and, to be completely fair, it was grade-A tonto awesome. Creative lead Jack Emmert described ship combat as “tactical” and “slow-paced,” and this was borne out in the footage, which showed Federation ship fleets against Borg cubes and more. On-planet combat is “fast-paced” said […]

    12 years ago
  • Star Trek Online players are all Star Fleet or Klingon ship captains, says Emmert

    Cryptic creative boss Jack Emmert just confirmed that all Star Trek Online launch players will either be part of Star Fleet or a member of the Klingon Federation. Other factions are to added as time goes on. All players are to build up to be potential captains with their own ships, Emmert said, with bridge […]

    12 years ago
  • Star Trek Online set in 2409

    Cryptic creative boss Jack Emmert has just confirmed that Star Trek Online is to be set in 2409, 30 years after Star Trek Nemesis. “In the coming months we’re going to be updated our website year by year,” said Emmert. He’s detailing the game at the moment, and you can watch it live from Las […]

    12 years ago