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Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint claims longer playtime than Skyrim, watching paint dry

John and Ste Pickford have announced today the top ten players for iOS game Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint have had more than 100 hours total playtime on them each, more than playing Skyrim or even watching paint dry.

8 years ago

Ste Pickford headlines

  • Pickford: UK BAFTAS "designed to discourage smaller games"

    Speaking to Spong, iOS developer Ste Pickford has claimed the UK BAFTAs are not suited to the task of awarding excellence in the field of development, saying the entry fee alone “seems designed to discourage smaller games from becoming involved.”

    8 years ago
  • Indie kings – The Pickfords win with Magnetic Billiards

    Following the release of their first iOS game, we sat down with John and Ste Pickford to pick their brains on 28 years in the business and how to outwit expensive lawyers.

    9 years ago
  • Kezcast - Can 3DS and NGP exist in a post-iPhone world?

    Introducing the Kezcast, a new series of VG247 audio features on topics du jour by Keza MacDonald. First up: what’s the point of 3DS and NGP when everyone’s got a smartphone?

    9 years ago
  • Pickfords switch Naked War to free-play

    In celebration of the fact more than 100,000 turns have been made on Pickford brothers-developed strategy game Naked War, Zee-3’s decided to make the title free to play. That’s nice, isn’t it? As of today, you’ll be able to continue your free trial forever, apparently, and existing subs now have infinite “challenge credits,” allowing them […]

    11 years ago