Stan Lee

Stan Lee dies at 95

Legendary comic book writer, editor, publisher, and former Marvel president Stan Lee has passed away at 95.

1 year ago

Stan Lee headlines

  • Amazing Spider-Man 2 discussed by Stan Lee in latest video

    With The Amazing Spider-Man 2 landing on PS4 and PS3 this week, Sony thought it would be grand to speak to Spidey’s creator Stan Lee. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game releases for 3DS, PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, and is out today on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

    6 years ago
  • Lego Marvel Super Heroes video shows a Lego-ized Stan Lee

    Lego Marvel Super Heroes has a new video available, showing the playable character of Stan Lee. It also features the man himself discussing his role in the game. Upon release, the action-adventure game will contain close to two dozen heroes, villains and real-world Marvel Comics creators. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is out this fall on […]

    6 years ago
  • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes adds playable Stan Lee, Squirrel Girl, Howard the Duck, more

    The roster for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes has become larger, and the characters announced so far, are just a “mere fraction” of who is included.

    6 years ago
  • Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth video features Stan Lee

    You guys, Stan Lee is pumped for Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth. I mean, really pumped. The video below will show you what I mean – it features Stan the Man himself toying around with all the classic Marvel characters he created. Have a look for yourself.

    7 years ago
  • Amazing Spider-Man: new DLC out today in the US, later this year Europe

    The Amazing Spider-Man has new content on the way today in the US and more content has arrived and is on the way for Europe.

    7 years ago
  • Verticus "free-falling superhero" iOS game announced by Stan Lee and Moonshark

    Verticus, an arcade-style free-falling superhero game, has been announced by Stan Lee and Moonshark at Comikaze.

    7 years ago
  • Stan Lee comes out swinging in The Amazing Spider-Man

    Want to see what it will look like playing Stan Lee in The Amazing Spider-Man? Then feast your eyes on the video below the break. Stan can be yours if you pre-order the game in North America from Amazon and GameStop. Game’s out in the US on June 26 and in the UK on June […]

    7 years ago
  • Amazing Spider-Man pre-orders include Rhino Challenge, playable Stan Lee

    Activision has announced pre-order bonuses for The Amazing Spider-Man in North America from Amazon and GameStop.

    8 years ago
  • Stan Lee talks superhero registration in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 video

    Stan Lee stars in the latest video for Vicarious Visions’ Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. In it, his coolness talks about how superheroes don’t need to be registered with the government-unless they turn bad. But then, they are no longer superheroes at that point. Basically, it’s a video with Stan Lee in it – which is […]

    10 years ago
  • Stan Lee starring in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

    Legendary Marvel comics creator and cool customer, Stan Lee, will make his first videogame cameo ever with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, according to Activision. “I am thrilled to be making my first onscreen videogame cameo,” said Lee. “It’s such a kick to see characters that I’ve helped create come to life in the game and […]

    10 years ago
  • Comic-Con will be a major place for gamers July 23-26

    Gaming will have a major presence at Comic-Con in San Diego July 23 – 26. Here is just some of what to expect should you be attending: A panel on DC Universe Online with Jim Lee and Marv Wolfman The Saboteur: Rethinking the WWII Gaming Genre woth Pandemic Studios’ lead designer Tom French and art […]

    10 years ago
  • Writing games is harder than film, says Stan Lee

    Speaking at Comic Con yesterday, Spider-Man legend Stan Lee opined that writing games is more difficult that scripting films due to branching storylines. “When you talk about games evolving over the years and becoming more like movies, in many ways, they’ve gone beyond movies,” he said. “To do a movie is difficult, but it’s linear. […]

    11 years ago