Enter the Dominatrix becomes part of new Saints sequel

The release of the standalone Saints Row: The Third expansion, Enter the Dominatrix, has been cancelled, and will instead form part of a new full-length Saints game.

8 years ago

SR3 headlines

  • Rubin - THQ needs its own Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption

    Jason Rubin, newly appointed president of THQ, has said despite Saints Row: The Third selling over 4 million units worldwide and the generally positive review scores, he thinks THQ and Volition can do better.

    8 years ago
  • Saints Row: The Third Bloodsucker Pack DLC lands February 28

    “Screw Team Edward. Wouldn’t you rather be on a team featuring a vampire with dual katanas and a thirst for enemy blood, like vampire-hunter-turned-vampire, Nyte Blayde?” Sure you would.

    8 years ago
  • Gangstas in Space releases for Saints Row: The Third next week

    THQ has announced new DLC for Saints Row: The Third will be released next week on on February 21. Called “Gangstas in Space”, it contains a new mission pertaining to the in-game movie. The only other bit of information gleaned from the official site regarding the content, is that the DLC will contain the character […]

    8 years ago
  • THQ: Saints Row: The Third ships 3.8m, kids dropped

    THQ has decided to exit kids’ licensed video games completely, focusing instead on its core game franchises and future digital initiatives.

    8 years ago
  • Saturday Shorts: Saints Row Heavy, Dungeon Defenders, sales

    Below the break you will find snippets of news regarding some nice sales going on, along with mod tool information, and the ability to pre-load and get Heavy with Saints Row: The Third. In other words, the shorts post today is a bit Steam-centric.

    8 years ago