Sony's Gamescom Press Event

GamesCom Day One: All the EA and Sony stuff in one post

Day one is rounding up at GameCom and if you missed out on any of it, we’ve got you covered.It’s all here in one lovely post. From Peter Moore sporting shorts and chatting on stage with Katarina Vitt, to Ray Muzyka not giving us a Mass Effect 2 date – that was the EA side.From […]

12 years ago

Sony's Gamescom Press Event headlines

  • Sony’s GC Press Event: The first pics of the Slim

    Well, there you have it.The worst kept secret ever – yes, worse then the PSP Go – has finally been revealed. Kaz Hirai came out to show us it and now we have it as of two weeks time.Catch our first shots of the Slim, straight from the floor taken during the press event posted […]

    12 years ago
  • Sony's GC Press Event: PSN's made $280 million

    The Sony press event is live at GamesCom and president Andrew House just said that PSN has made $280 million since launch. There have also been 560 million downloads of game-centric content, with a connection rate of 60 percent with 27 million registrants.“PSN is The Future”, said House. “It’s a service that delivers a unique […]

    12 years ago