Sonic & The Black Knight

Sonic & The Black Knight “is indeed real”

According to this Ripten story, a Sega admin has confirmed that Sonic & The Black Knight is a real project. The game popped up over the weekend, seen featuring on an upcoming cover of US mag Nintendo Power. “I can confirm the game is indeed real, however you won’t get any info on it from […]

12 years ago

Sonic & The Black Knight headlines

  • Sonic & The Black Knight coming soon to a Wii near you?

    Well, you can’t knock Sega for being predictable, at any rate. A thread on NeoGAF is touting a scan of Nintendo Power’s September issue, which features Sonic front and center, clad in a jeweled gauntlet and hefting a sizeable blade. The cover proclaims the game’s title “Sonic & The Black Knight.” Aside from the fact […]

    12 years ago