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Sly Cooper 4 reference in inFamous is a joke

Those who played the inFamous demo and noticed the Sly Cooper 4 reference on the movie marquee should know that it was all in good fun. According to a report over on PSfocus, the joke was added in by one of the game artists. “No, no, it was something our artist put in there. They […]

11 years ago

Sly Cooper 4 headlines

  • inFamous demo includes Sly Cooper 4 reference

    Those playing the inFamous demo will notice when they come upon theĀ  Empire City cinema that the “film list” contains Sly Cooper 4. Sucker Punch has been rumored to be working on the stealth-action game since 2007, and this little bit of tease is either a thumb of the nose, an Easter egg, or an […]

    11 years ago