Shinta Nojiri

Quick Quotes: NeverDead is not as “silly” as it appears on the surface

“I understand people may think it is a silly game and even though we put serious work into gameplay too it is difficult to communicate that. Bryce [the main character] doesn’t need to evade or avoid [attacks]. If you get shot, it’s OK. It’s also hard to show this to the audience because it would […]

8 years ago

Shinta Nojiri headlines

  • Check out 8-minutes of NeverDead footage

    Eight minutes of gameplay footage from NeverDead has been posted, and it shows the game’s hero, Bryce Boltzmann, doing what he does best: killing nasties. Players will use Bryce’s immortality, thus the NeverDead moniker, as they fight demons in various ways – even by using body parts as weapons.  The Shinta Nojiri and Rebellion-developed titles […]

    9 years ago
  • Famitsu delivers with NeverDead character renders and information

    Not much on Konami’s NeverDead has been reported since the game’s announcement at last year’s classic, wonderful, and throughly enjoyable E3 press conference. Other than the odd screenshot assortment released back in April, it’s been rather quite over on the NeverDead front – that is, until today.

    9 years ago
  • Rebellion's NeverDead announced by Konami

    Konami has just announced a new title named NeverDead, a third person action shooter by Rebellion.

    10 years ago