Roam creator retracts How to Survive copy-cat accusations, full statement inside

Roam creator Ryan Sharr has retracted claims that 505 Games latest publishing effort How to Survive has ripped off his Kickstarter project, and has published an explanation on the campaign page. Read it here.

7 years ago

Roam headlines

  • How to Survive: 505 Games accused of 'blatant theft' of indie dev's game

    The team behind indie survival sim Roam has accused 505 Games of ‘blatant theft’ of its product, producing an alleged offer of publication pre-dating the announcement of How to Survive, which it claims bears uncanny similarities.

    7 years ago
  • Roam is a survival RPG from a former Gas Powered Games staffer

    Roam is a procedurally generated survival adventure with MOBA or RTS style combat, and if that isn’t enough to sell you immediately (my wallet opened of its own accord and had to be hammered closed again), how about word that one half of its development team is of the beleaguered Gas Powered Games family? Former […]

    8 years ago