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E3 keynote Governor greeted by “just over two dozen attendees”

How completely embarrassing. According to this Gamespot piece, opening E3 keynote speaker and Texan Governor, Rick Perry, spoke this morning to an audience of less then 30 people.Perry apparently spoke at length about how great Texas is as a home for developers. The report makes it sound scintillating.Entertainment Software Association president Michael Gallagher warmed the […]

13 years ago

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  • New in-game XMB vid posted

    What better way to enjoy a Sunday evening than by looking at some footage of how Sony’s XMB will work in-game.The internets was in turmoil after videogaming247 broke the news that in-game XMB and Trophy support were coming in the next Firmware update: namely 2.4.You might also notice in the video that whoever is using […]

    13 years ago
  • ESA throws pathetic hissy fit over hellfire Governor coverage

    Oh dear. The ESA issued a statement today, aimed at GamesPolitics.com, after it came to light that E3 keynote speaker and Texan Governor Rick Perry believes that non-Christians will go to Hell.“If the ESA posted a blog and called it a news site, journalists would rightfully balk and it wouldn’t pass a smell test,” ESA […]

    13 years ago
  • E3 keynote Governor is religious nutter

    Texan Governor Rick Perry, the guy giving E3’s keynote this year, believes that all non-Christians are doomed to an afterlife in Hell.Perry’s sensible views have been outed by the Dallas Morning News, after he attended a 90-minute service at the Cornerstone “megachurch” in the Texas city, hosted by a Rev. John Hagee.During the ceremony, Hagee […]

    13 years ago
  • Governor of Texas to keynote E3

    Filed under “random” comes news that Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, is to give a keynote at this year’s E3.“Governor Perry and the E3 Media & Business Summit are both great success stories. The Governor’s keynote address is especially timely given the high concentration of entertainment software developers and publishers in Texas as well as […]

    13 years ago