Renegade Edition

Acti – DJ Hero Renegade pricing “not yet confirmed”

Acti PR just told VG247 that pricing for the newly-announced DJ Hero Renegade edition “has not yet been confirmed.”The SKU, which features a shiny turntable, a hardshell carry case that converts to a stand, and a double-CD of Jay-Z and Eminem tracks, was shown for the first time this afternoon.The game’s normal edition costs £108 […]

11 years ago

Renegade Edition headlines

  • DJ Hero gets Renegade edition, no price confirmed

    Activision just announced a Renegade edition for DJ Hero, featuring a “premium Renegade turntable controller, hardshell turntable carrying case that converts to a performance-ready DJ stand, and an exclusive JAY-Z and EMINEM 2-CD pack featuring unreleased tracks.”No date or price.PR after the break.

    11 years ago
  • Battleforge to get new card expansion

    RTS card game Battleforge is to get a new card expansion called the Renegade Edition, so the official site says.You’ll get 60 new units and structure creating cards along with “dual orb cards and special affinities” that “will deepen and enrich the strategical possibilities of the decks and the combat itself.”The expansion will hit sometime […]

    12 years ago