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Nolan Bushnell’s Battleswarm: Field of Honor goes Beta

Gameworld Tech and Nolan Bushnell released a new trailer today for Battleswarm: Field of Honor.Battleswarm is a FPS/RTS game for PC where players choose between team-based, first-person action, representing individual, elite soldiers or acting as the supreme commander of an alien task force, managing hundreds of alien bugs from a real-time strategy point of view.The […]

11 years ago

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  • Weekly MMO news round-up E3 edition: Torchlight, LotRO, Warhammer, SWTOR

    E3 was a very busy week for all involved whether they were at the show or not. Loads of games were unveiled, peripherals, and tons more stuff happened.MMOs were there too though, and while the majority didn’t make the front page, loads of stuff pertaining to the genre happened or is going to happen.Find out […]

    12 years ago