6 video games that need full-blown remakes

The average video game player is 35 years old. We are decaying, slowly marching towards our maggot-ridden graves.

1 year ago

Psi-ops headlines

  • Midway cleared in Psi-Ops copyright case

    Midway’s been cleared of alleged copyright infringement involving 2004 game Psi-Ops, Kotaku reports. William L. Crawford II, a Californian screenwriter, filed against Midway in March 2007, pointing out similarities between his 1998 script for a movie titled Psi-Ops and Midway’s title, both of which feature similar plot devices, characters and naming. Mr Crawford II didn’t […]

    11 years ago
  • Get Psi-Ops for free

    On Gaming Today. Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy was a 2004 Midway game that got plenty of good reviews at the time, and for some reason you can now download and play it for absolutely nothing. Incredible value. It’s Wednesday, so you may as well.

    12 years ago