Project Fedora

Tesla Effect – new trailer shows off Kickstarted Tex Murphy game

It’ve been over a year since we last checked in with Project Fedora, the crowdfunded effort to resurrect beloved adventure franchise Tex Murphy. This trailer shows the newly-titled Tesla Effect coming along nicely.

6 years ago

Project Fedora headlines

  • Tex Murphy - Project Fedora exceeds Kickstarter goal

    The Tex Murphy Kickstarter venture, codenamed “Project Fedora”, has ended successfully with $598,104 donated by 6,963 backers. The original development goal was $450,000. The additional funding will allow for the inclusion of more recognisable actors, text translations in French, Italian, German and Spanish, an extra expansion, an in-game golf game, and Live Orchestra for the […]

    7 years ago
  • Tex Murphy “Project Fedora” Kickstarter a success, additional story secured

    The Tex Murphy Kickstarter venture, codenamed “Project Fedora”, has successfully surpassed its $450,000 goal, ensuring the game’s creation.

    8 years ago
  • Tex Murphy "Project Fedora" Kickstarter now live

    The promised Tex Murphy Kickstarter is now live. Codenamed Project Fedora, the new game has already attracted over 1,000 backers and was up to $124,000 at time of writing, with 31 days remaining to hit $400,000. The noir adventure series has a fanatical cult following, so we can probably expect to see this one make […]

    8 years ago