owner Rakuten deems Wii U and iPad 2013’s most-discussed Christmas presents for kids

Wii U has seen a 75% sales spike since October and currently sits alongside the iPad as Twitter’s most-discussed Christmas present for kids. headlines

  • to halt retail sales, will become eBay-style trading site following tax loophole closure will cease retail trading following the closure of a Jersey tax loophole that has seen the site axe many jobs across all territories, and will instead moved into the trading territory currently dominated by eBay.

  • sets 3DS XL price point at £179.99

    Nintendo announced last night it would let European retailers set the price for 3DS XL, and today, has come out of the retail gate swinging by offering the new SKU for £179.99. ShopTo has it listed for £179.84 with an estimated RRP of £199.99. Zavvi has it listed for £209.95, with the RRP listed […]

  • Pocket-burner? prices Vita games up to £45‘s priced Vita titles and memory cards ahead of official confirmation from Sony, including a listing of £45 for Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Also listed are low-end titles such as Little Deviants and Reality Fighters at £18. Mid-range games like Everybody’s Golf, Wipeout 2048 and Modnation Racers are in between £30-£35. For the memory cards, it’s […]

  • lists Xperia Play preorder at £519.99

    UK retailer has put Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Play up for preorder at a hefty £519.99 – about $840.

  • Rumor: Kinect specifications listed by UK retailer

    UK retailer has published unofficial specifications for Kinect, leading one to believe the hands-free controller only allows for two active players.

  • ShopTo lists Kinect for £130, November 19 launch

    UK online retailer ShopTo’s mentioned a £129.99 price point for Kinect when it launches in the UK. November 19 is the magic date, according to them.

  • Halo: Reach up for pre-order now

    With Reach Mania now picking up pace nicely, Play’s offering Bungie’s next Halo title for £40, beta access and all.

  • Play guaranteeing day one MW2 delivery for £45’s guaranteeing you’ll have Modern Warfare 2 on launch day for £45, provided you buy the game by midnight this Sunday. That’s £10 off the RRP for both the 360 and PS3 versions. The PC version costs £35. Get to it. It’s out on November 10.

  • Pre-order Tekken 6 in the UK, get hats, lapel pins

    Admit it. You’ve always wanted a Tekken hat. Fortune smiles on you this morning, then, thanks to the announcement of Tekken 6’s pre-order bonuses for the UK. For the early fight adopters in the audience, Game has special collector cards (PS3, 360); HMV has t-shirts (PS3, 360); has lapel pins (PS3, 360); Blockbuster has […]

  • Play lists DJ Hero at £90, Game and GameStation stuck at £110’s now listing DJ Hero at £90, a significant climb-down from initial pre-order levels of £108. HMV’s still punting the game for £100, while GameStation’s got it up for an amazing £110. So has Game. Still no word at all on the Renegade Edition‘s pricing.

  • and GAME see sales surge after BAFTAs

    A sales surge in UK game sales has followed last week’s BAFTA Awards, according to and GAME. saw a 14 percent increase over targeted projections in new customers, and GAME said that games sporting BAFTA stickers have been flying off the shelves. “The reaction in GAME stores and online to the BAFTAs has […]

  • LittleBigPlanet drops to below £18 at Play and Tesco [Update]

    [Update – It’s £13 on Amazon. That’s a bit stupid. Thanks, tenthousandgothsonacid.] is offering LittleBigPlanet for £17.99, which, in the parlance of the gutter, is fucking cheap. Tesco, not be outdone, has gone even cheaper: how does £17.96 sound? The Media Molecule award-winner currently costs £40 from both Game and Gamestation. So you probably […]

  • GTA IV, Far Cry 2, BioShock PS3 and more go to £17.99 on

    Our sources never lie:’s launched a ridiculous sale, dropping the likes of GTA IV, Far Cry 2, BioShock PS3, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Saints Row 2 to an eye-watering £17.99. You can buy Age Of Conan: Hyborian Adventures for a tenner through there. There are even reduced Wii bundles: the console, Wii […]

  • Sony offering direct-to-customer 40Gb PS3 discount

    What do you do when you don’t want to drop the price of your console on the high street? You cut out retail, silly. Sony’s offering a £40 discount on new 40Gb PS3s through, meaning you can pick a machine up for £269 right now. Keep watching, as well. There’s a bundle there which […]

  • goes low on Last Remnant, "shocking" deals planned for next week’s selling Square RPG The Last Remnant for £17.99, as you can see here. It’s been out for a week. Despite the fact it didn’t attract the most amazing scores in the world, if you’re in the market for a hardcore 360 JRPG it’d be nonsense not to try it at that price. Xbox 360 […]

  • pushes price with PS3 packs’s doing its best to keep PS3’s price down, despite Sony’s refusal to offer an official cut, launching two new Christmas bundles for the machine today. The first pack comes with an 80Gb machine, Quantum Of Solace, Batman Begins Blu-ray, the Blu-ray remote and LittleBigPlanet for £300. The second swaps out Quantum of Solace for […]

  • Resistance 2 beta to start next week?

    Dpad’s reporting that Play’s sent out emails to Resistance 2 pre-orderers saying the game’s beta’s to go live next Friday. No confirmation yet, but we’ll know soon enough from the sound of it.

  • New DS colours hit UK’s now listing the three new DS colours announced at the end of May. The red, lime green and light blue machines still cost £100, green or not. Take a look.

  • taking "80 orders a minute" for GTA IV"

    According to this GI story, is now taking 80 orders a minute for GTA IV. “We’re experiencing trading levels similar to what we would see in the run up to Christmas, taking over 80 orders per minute at peak times,” said Play COO Stuart Rowe. “We have had to recruit extra warehouse staff to […]

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