Grey Goo expansion adds a fourth faction and a new campaign

The Descent of the Shroud expansion is out today and you can download it for free if you already own the game.

4 years ago

Petroglpyh headlines

  • End of Nations studio Petroglyph axes 30 jobs - report

    Petroglyph, developer of MMORTS End of Nations has reportedly suffered 30 lay-offs. Tweets coming from within the studio and insider reports have suggested that the Las Vegas studio is currently shedding staff. Get the details below.

    7 years ago
  • End of Nations video is all about the plan of attack

    Trion and Petroglyph have released an End of Nations video, showing you what to expect out of the multiplayer RTS which goes into beta late spring. Watch below.

    8 years ago
  • Rise of Immortals launches on Steam with multiple exclusive items

    Petroglyph has announced that free-to-play MOBA game Rise of Immortals is now available on Steam. Those who register with the game through the service will also receive several exclusive items such as: an unlocked Immortal, a limited-edition skin for the new Immortal Trovoc, 200 Petroglyph coins to spend on in-game items, and access to unlockable […]

    8 years ago
  • Universe At War: Earth Assault is $5 on Steam this weekend

    Universe at War: Earth Assault is up for grabs on Steam for $4.99. That’s 75 percent off. It’s this weekend only, so hurry on over if you want the RTS for cheap.

    11 years ago
  • Universe at War takes a slight slip on 360

    Sega’s just confirmed a slight slip for the Xbox 360 version of Universe at War, moving it back from March 7 to March 28. The Petroglpyh-developed RTS features four-way multiplayer for its console outing. It was released on PC last month.

    12 years ago