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Capcom Online Games announces 13 new titles, Breath of Fire 6 heading to mobile & browser

Capcom Online Games has announced 13 new titles as part of its growing roster of social, mobile, free and browser games, including Breath of Fire 6 for multiple formats.

7 years ago

Onimusha Soul headlines

  • Capcom Online Games announcing 13 new titles in August 1 live-stream

    Capcom Online Games has announced it will reveal 13 new social, mobile and online titles as part of a Japanese conference on August 1. The session will also be live-streamed.

    8 years ago
  • Capcom announces Onimusha return with social game Soul

    Capcom’s announced the return of Onimusha, but not in the way you’d like. The series will return as a Japanese browser-based social game called Onimusha Soul. Soul will be a Sengoku-era strategy RPG that will feature characters from past games in the series, with players controlling of a feudal lord in a region currently at […]

    9 years ago