Olivier Comte

Former Namco VP Comte hops over to French publisher Ankama

Olivier Comte has been VP of sales at Atari and senior VP at Namco Bandai Europe, and now he is the chief operating officer at Ankama, independent publisher/developer of MMOs Wakfu and Dofus, along with a myriad of other low-ish profile games, comparatively speaking.

7 years ago

Olivier Comte headlines

  • Namco Bandai boss: Wii and DS market has "collapsed"

    Ever had a friend who’s so constantly peppy and cheery that the second they start acting like a normal human being, you absolutely know something’s wrong?Does that friend need a nickname? How about “Nintendo”? Yeah, the king of console hill is still definitely holding down the fort, but these days, Miyamoto and co’s waggle/touch-centric empire […]

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  • Enslaved is finished, just getting some polish

    Namco Bandai Partners VP Olivier Comte has said that Ninja Theory’s Enslaved is already finished; it’s just getting some polish at the moment.

    11 years ago
  • Namco feels that game prices are too high

    Namco Bandai feels that games have become too expensive, and its vice president believes that companies need to come up with a secondary business model that satisfies both the consumer and the publisher.

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