Nintendo Points

3DS won’t utilise current version Nintendo Points

The Nintendo Points purchasing system in use on the DSi and Wii may not carry over to the 3DS, according to the Japanese 3DS information page.

10 years ago

Nintendo Points headlines

  • Customers to get 1,000 free Nintendo Points when purchasing DSi

    Target’s giving away 1,000 free Nintendo Points with every DSi.Similar deals happened in Japan when the handheld released last year.The points can be redeemed through the Wii Shop Channel.Thanks, GoNintendo.

    12 years ago
  • Ease of use overrated, Nintendo Points non-transferrable between Wii and DSi

    Well, that’s not entirely true. Nintendo has provided customers with a handy, easy-to-use chart. Unfortunately, it comes inextricably tied to news that, in spite of their new, console-free name, Nintendo Points will not transfer between the two most recent additions to Nintendo’s pillar collection.According to Siliconera, download-seekers will have to dedicate each Nintendo Point card […]

    13 years ago