Nina Kristensen

Rebooting Devil May Cry was a “no brainer,” says Ninja Theory

Ninja Theory chief Nina Kristensen has told Develop that the chance to reboot Capcom’s Devil May Cry was a “no brainer.”

10 years ago

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  • Namco Bandai announce project with Ninja Theory

    Namco Bandai announced during it’s GamesCom conference yesterday that it’s teaming up with Heavenly Sword developer Ninja Theory to publish it’s brand new title from the dev for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.The game’s development, which we know very little about at this point other then the platforms, will be assisted by producers from Namco […]

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  • Ninja Theory: "We get along just fine with Sony"

    Ninja Theory founder Nina Kristensen has told CVG that talk of bitterness between the developer and Sony isn’t true. Never saw that coming.“We get along just fine with Sony,” she said.The statement comes after a rumour yesterday that Heavenly Sword 2 – which has never been developed by Ninja Thoery – had been axed by […]

    13 years ago
  • Rumour: Heavenly Sword 2 canned

    According to this Kotaku rumour, Heavenly Sword 2’s been canned after an emergency meeting at Sony Cambridge.More through the link, including stuff about Ninja Theory and “bitterness”.

    13 years ago
  • No Heavenly Sword sequel from Ninja Theory

    According to this, Ninja Theory is not developing a Heavenly Sword sequel, and is instead creating a new IP for 360 and PS3. The game is already signed to a publisher.The UK developer is also considering creating a CGI movie to stand alongside the new title.“We’re certainly targeting a triple-A blockbuster, with two and a […]

    13 years ago