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Star Trek D-A-C release moved up to November 12

It’s not often a game’s release is moved up. Most of the time it’s pushed back, but not so with the PC version of Star Trek D-A-C. Originally announced for November 17, the game will now be released on November 12 instead. The Steam page proves it. Still no price, but there we are. Via […]

10 years ago

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  • Star Trek D-A-C arrives on Steam November 17

    It has been revealed via Steam that Star Trek D-A-C will arrive on the service November 17 – the same day the film it’s based on is released forĀ  Blu-ray and DVD. Developed by Naked Sky Entertainment, the PC version adds two new ship classes, an Assault mode map and a Survival mode. Pricing has […]

    10 years ago
  • Star Trek: D-A-C to hit PSN later this summer

    Paramount has announced that Star Trek: D-A-C will arrive on PSN later this summer. Inspired by the movie revamp by LOST creator JJ Abrams, D-A-C is a multiplayer top-down space shooter and the PS3 version will contain a new and exclusive ship class and updated features. It’s already on Xbox 360 through XBL, and is […]

    11 years ago