Thursday Shorts 2: Lara Croft models, bikini car wash, Alien queens, gentle games

So many things out of E3, so little caffeine and sanity left. Let’s get to the shorts of it, shall we?

9 years ago

MySpace headlines

  • MySpace Mafia Wars shut down by Zynga

    Social Gaming behemoth, Zynga has pulled its Mafia Wars game from social networking website Myspace.

    9 years ago
  • MySpace to become online videogame destination

    News Corp, owners of MySpace, have revealed that they are planning to turn the socialising website into a place for online video games. Speaking at Fortune Brainstorm tech conference in California, the company’s digital boss, Jonathan Miller, said the service will be a “major focus”. “MySpace is and will be more in the future a […]

    11 years ago
  • Square launches java-based Dive II Hunt on MySpace

    Square Enix has launched the java-based Dive II Hunt: Sorbet’s Great Adventure on its MySpace page. It’s a casual affair that follows the adventures of Sorbet, who is none other than the brother of Final Fantasy XII’s Moogle Montblanc. The goal? To dive into the ocean, collect a mess of fish and upgrade your equipment. […]

    11 years ago