Murray Pannel

Ubisoft – 3D TV in every home in three years

Not only will we have new games consoles in three years time, but according to Ubisoft everyone’s going to have a 3D TV as well. Who knew?

10 years ago

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  • Sony last to next gen, pub expects new hardware in "2-3 years"

    Sony dev head Shuhei Yoshida’s said he expects both Nintendo and Microsoft to release new hardware before PlayStation makes the leap the next generation, while Ubisoft today agreed with the increasingly popular view that you’re going to see a new kid on the block before 2013.

    10 years ago
  • Ubisoft: Platforms not as important as content; Lineage video released

    Ubisoft’s Murray Pannel has told that in the future, platforms will be “irrelevant to how you deliver” content to the customer. Having a chat with the site about the Assassin’s Creed Lineage film released on YouTube today, Pannel said that the company is focused more on getting content to the public, instead of how […]

    10 years ago