Motion Control

Harmonix considering developing non-music motion control games in future

Harmonix isn’t shy of stepping outside of its comfort zone to develop a game which isn’t music-centric in future.

Motion Control headlines

  • Guerilla: motion control is the future of FPS

    Killzone developer Guerilla Games is so keen on motion control that one team member has said he believes in the future all FPS titles will utilise it.

  • Denny - PS3 motion control is a "platform," a "worldwide venture"

    PS3’s motion control wands are being see as a “platform” by Sony, PS3 studio boss Michael Denny’s told GI. “The motion control system we’re putting in place going forward is we’re treating as more of a platform,” he said. “You’re right that here in Europe we have a lot of experience helping develop the peripherals […]

  • Jonathan Blow hiring for "full-body motion tracking" project

    It would appear that Jonathan Blow, the time-defying mind behind Braid, is looking to set a new project into motion. Over on the official Braid blog, Blow’s hoping to hire a programmer to “do very interesting work with full-body motion tracking.” When asked by Joystiq if motion controls were being applied to his previously announced […]

  • Microsoft says that motion control will "become the norm"

    Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has said that one day motion control implementation in games will become the norm, just like multiplayer. “Much like with multiplayer, I think it will become the norm,” Spencer told Kotaku. “If you are a racing game without multiplayer the game just didn’t sell. “We think that motion control, we think voice […]

  • Suda, Hino and Mizuguchi agree that E3 was all about motion control

    Grasshopper Manufacture’s Goichi Suda, Level-5’s Akihiro Hino, and Q Entertainment’s Tetsuya Mizuguchi chat about E3 in the latest Famitsu, and all seem to agree that motion control stole the show. “Hardware-wise, it was all about Project Natal,” Suda told the magazine. “It’s hard to really understand it unless you use it, and it remains to […]

  • Sony shows motion control tech, aiming for spring 2010 launch

    New motion control tech from Sony was talked about in the company’s E3 press conference today. Been working on it for a few years, apparently. As you’d hope. The prototype of the new controller showed a glowing sphere on the end of the stick. PS Eye tracks it. The demonstration showed 1-to-1 motion control. On […]

  • Moore - Microsoft looking "further" than motion control

    Ex-360 boss Peter Moore’s told GTTV that Microsoft’s adventures in motion control won’t be anything as rudimentary as Nintendo’s. No way. It’s going beyond. He said: “I think that, knowing Microsoft in particular obviously, is that they are constantly thinking three to five years ahead of where consumer behavior’s going to be, how do people […]