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Guild Wars 2 security issues: ArenaNet issues account protection guide

Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet has been dealing with a lot of security issues lately, although it has done so with admirable transparency. Keeping the trend alive, studio hear Mike O’Brien has issued a security statement that explains breaches, and how players can protect themselves from them.

7 years ago

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  • Guild Wars 2 China release confirmed

    Guild Wars 2 is heading to China, courtesy of developer ArenaNet and KongZhong Corporation, in what is one of the largest western licensing deals in the country.

    7 years ago
  • ArenaNet looking into causes of group splitting in GW2

    Guild Wars 2 players have been running into some issues with grouping, with many party members getting lost within the MMO’s overflow servers. ArenaNet studio head and co-founder Mike O’Brien has said the team is aware of the issue, but until players spread out more into the game world, it’s going to happen.

    7 years ago
  • Guild Wars 2: ArenaNet perma-bans 3,000 players over exploit

    Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet has brought down the banhammer on 3,000 players overnight for taking part in a widespread vendor exploit. The developer has spoken out about the bans, stating that sentences may be reduced under certain circumstances.

    7 years ago
  • Guild Wars 2 pre-orders hit one million, 400K concurrent players logged-in over the weekend

    Guild Wars 2 pre-orders hit one million according to an announcement from ArenNet, and over the early launch weekend, concurrent player numbers hit more over 400,000. “This is the culmination of a five-year journey and to be greeted by this level of enthusiasm by our fans is truly amazing,” said Mike O’Brien, president and co-founder […]

    7 years ago
  • Guild Wars 2's microtransaction system won't "upset or alienate" the player base

    ArenaNet president Mike O’Brien has said Guild Wars 2 wasn’t offered as a straight free-to-play title due to being a high quality MMO, not “the lowest cost MMO.”

    8 years ago
  • Weekly MMO news round-up: Conan at PAX, LOTRO gets new jewelry, WoW expansion leaks

    Loads of stuff happened this week with MMOs. Bethesda laughed off an Elder Scrolls MMO, APB started the Beta application process, Aion released pretty trailers, Star Wars will be playable at GamesCom and all other sorts of interesting things happened. What we didn’t tell you about was that Lord of the Rings Online got some […]

    11 years ago
  • Guild War 2 isn't delayed, says ArenaNet

    ArenaNet’s Mike O’Brien’s written a open letter to fans on the official Guild Wars website, saying that Guild Wars 2 hasn’t been delayed as it was never dated in the first place. The game was put in a 2011/2012 release window by a financial statement last week. The full thing’s after the break. Thanks, Blue.

    11 years ago