Might & Delight

Bundle Stars giving away copies of Pid for Steam

Bundle Stars is teaming up with developers Might & Delight to give away a couple hundred thousand copies of the game Pid. Just head to Bundle Stars and follow the two steps and you’ll get the $10 title for $0.

6 years ago

Might & Delight headlines

  • Shelter - the lovely badger survival sim from Might & Delight is out now on Steam

    Might & Delight’s lovely badger survival sim Shelter has been released on Steam. It will run you £7/€9/$10 and you can watch the launch trailer below. Prepare to have some tissues handy if you plan on playing it – at least that’s the impression I get.

    7 years ago
  • Shelter brings badger survival to Mac and PC next week

    Might & Delight’s badger survival sim Shelter arrives on August 28. It’s priced at £7/€9/$10, but pre-orders are currently 10% off on Steam, and you can get it in a bundle with Pid for just $15 through the developer’s Humble Bundle checkout. Shelter has players in the role of a mother badger who must protect […]

    7 years ago
  • Shelter: Pid developer reveals new project with trailer and screens

    Shelter is the new game from Pid developer Might and Delight. It casts you as mother of a litter of badger cubs forced to defend them against the harshness of nature. We’ve got a trailer and debut screens right here.

    7 years ago
  • Pid out today, gets launch trailer too

    Pid is a new adventure platformer from indie developer Might & Delight. It puts players in the shoes of a young boy named Kurt, whose stranded on a colorful, distant planet populated by malicious robots. You can get it today for PC, Mac, and Xbox 360, with a PlayStation 3 release to come sometime in […]

    8 years ago