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Transformers Universe rejigs from MMO to “MOTA”, coming northern summer 2014

Transformers Universe, the long awaited and suspiciously silent MMO project from Runescape developer Jagex, has been reworked as a “MOTA”.

6 years ago

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  • Runescape headed to tablets and maybe Smart TVs

    Jagex has even bigger plans for its long-running browser-based MMO beyond the upcoming launch of Runescape 3, including branching out to other platforms.

    7 years ago
  • RuneScape bot makers slapped with six-figure damages

    Jagex has won a legal battle with a pair of Runescape bot makers, leaving the defendants “convincingly neutered”.

    8 years ago
  • PalTalk loses suit against Jagex over patent infringement

    Jagex Games Studio has announced it has bested PalTalk Holdings in a suit which was brought against it last year, when PalTalk accused the firm along with others of patent infringement.

    9 years ago
  • LGC: 40% of the industry's underprepared for digital distribution

    According to discussions set to take place during this month’s London Games Conference, with digital distribution “poised to outstrip traditional retail sales within three years,” 40 percent of the games industry is underprepared for the shift. Speakers during the LGC will address the issue, along with Nick Parker of Parker Consulting, who believes that 2013 […]

    10 years ago