Mario Party 9

Super Mario Galaxy 2 and other discounted Nintendo Selects games incoming

Nintendo has unveiled new additions to its discounted ‘Selects’ line of titles, including critical darling Super Mario Galaxy 2.

6 years ago

Mario Party 9 headlines

  • Mario Party 9 trailer shows off boss encounters

    Gather your friends for communal waggling fun to take down Mario Party 9’s collection of bosses.

    8 years ago
  • Mario Party 9 video shows some of the mini-game, boss fights

    Nintendo has released a video for Mario Party 9, showing off some of the boss fights, and a sampling of the 80 mini-games included in the Wii title. Mario Party 9 will release in Europe on March 2 and in the US on March 11.

    8 years ago
  • Mario Party 9 lands on Wii March 2 in Europe

    Nintendo has announced Mario Party 9 will launch in Europe on March 2. The game brings with it new boss fights, 80 mini-games, and Party Adventure mode, where you and three buddies hop into a vehicle together and roam across the board. The new Boss Battle mini-game also allows you and your buddies to best […]

    8 years ago
  • Mario Party 9 to feature boss fights, time-saving mini-game modes

    US retailer Best Buy’s spilled new info on Mario Party 9, confirming boss fights – with the likes of King Boo and Bowser – will make their way into the series for the first time. Players will need to combine skills to take them down, while aiming to boost their own personal scores. There’ll also […]

    8 years ago