Mario & Luigi RPG 3

Mario & Luigi RPG 3 screens show what it’s like inside Bowser

Screens showing the new Mario & Luigi RPG 3 are posted over on The Nintendo, and it looks rather cute. The RPG has mini-games, the ability to play as Bowser, Luigi and Mario and makes use of the DS microphone and touchscreen. Battles are turn-based, and the game starts you off inside Bowser and you […]

11 years ago

Mario & Luigi RPG 3 headlines

  • Mario & Luigi RPG 3 gets debut trailer

    After the break. The newly announced sequel looks beautiful, if dyed-in-the-wool in terms of sticking to the formula from previous games. See for yourself. It’s out next year.

    11 years ago
  • Rhythm Heaven, Mario & Luigi RPG 3 vaguely dated for US

    Two new DS titles, Rhythm Heaven and Mario & Luigi 3, were given the pinpoint accurate release date of “2009” in this morning’s US Nintendo press conference, as reported by DSF. We’d like to say there are more details through the link, but there aren’t. There are, however, screenshots. So take a look.

    11 years ago