Malicious: Rebirth

Malicious Rebirth releasing later this year on Vita

Alvion will release Malicious Rebirth on Vita later this year through the PS Store. According to the PS Blog, players can expect new levels, bosses and moves, and “almost twice as much content as its predecessor”. A hands-on demo of the title will be available at E3, at the SCEE booth. The game was confirmed […]

7 years ago

Malicious: Rebirth headlines

  • Malicious Rebirth: PS Vita screens show colourful boss battle

    Malicious Rebirth is supposedly heading to PS Vita in Autumn, although no solid release date has been offered by developer Alvion. Still, the studio has released a new batch of colourful gameplay screens that show off a big boss battle. Check out the shots below.

    7 years ago
  • Malicious Rebirth gameplay video

    Alvion have released a gameplay video for its upcoming PlayStation Vita version of Malicious Rebirth. There is still no release date, with the game’s website indicating it has been pushed back to Autumn.

    7 years ago
  • Malicious: Rebirth screens show new capes and bosses

    Alivion has released yet another enormous stack of screenshots and artwork for Malicious: Rebirth. The Vita version features all new content while still looking just as lovely as the original downloadable PlayStation 3 title, Malicious; visit Andriasang to paw over all 44 new images. The portable release hits Japan shortly but hasn’t been confirmed for […]

    8 years ago
  • Malicious: Rebirth screens show off Vita port

    Head on over to Andriasang to check out a huge pile of screens for Malicious: Rebirth, the Vita remake of Alvion’s PlayStation Network brawler. The stylish PlayStation 3 exclusive appears to have made the transition to portable fairly well, if you can forgive a jaggie or ten. It hits Japan some time in the next […]

    8 years ago
  • Malicious: Rebirth headed to Vita this summer

    Dengeki is carrying an update on the Vita version of PlayStation 3 brawler Malicious, Andriasang reports. The Vita release has gained a subtitle – Rebirth – because it’s more than a direct port; Alvion has packed in new stages and even new moves. It should arrive in Japan during northern summer, although expect a delay […]

    8 years ago