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EA sued by 6,000 ex-NFL players over “unlawful” likeness use in Madden 09

EA’s been served with a class action lawsuit over its “unlawful use” of the liknesses of 6,000 retired NFL players in Madden NFL 09.

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  • EA being sued for unauthorized likeness use in Madden, Fight Night, NCAA

    According to a report on Kotaku, EA are being sued for unauthorized use of likenesses in EA Sports titles such as Madden NFL 09, NCAA and Fight Night Round 4. The lawsuits come from Byron Bishop (NCAA), a licensing group for boxers known as Fighters Inc (Fight Night) and John “Big Dawg” Thompson (Madden), who […]

  • GameTrailers TV to drop pre-E3 bombs on May 28

    GameTrailers TV filmed a special E3 episode full of news and some other goodies that will be ready to view come May 28 at 11:00pm EST. We do, however,  know a bit about what to expect from the show and here’s just some of it: Tricia Helfer and Rose McGowan are  cohosts. An Uncharted 2 […]

  • FIFA 09, Madden NFL 09, Need for Speed Undercover each sell 5 million copies

    According to EA’s full-year ’09 financials – just released – FIFA 09, Madden NFL 09 and Need for Speed Undercover each sold over 5 million copies. Loads of sports and racing fans out there, apparently. The earnings call is set to go off any minute, and we are listening – so keep checking back for […]

  • EA Sports announces 500 millionth sports game played online

    EA Sports has announced that as of this week, more than 500 million online games have been played since launching its ‘09 product line last June. On average, more than 2.2 million EA Sports games are played online each day, which reflects an increase of more than 175 percent over last year representing the entirety […]

  • Madden is biggest global seller in third quarter

    Madden 09 was the biggest selling game in the world’s three biggest games markets in the quarter ending September 30, according to to a new report. The sports game sold 2,994,000 units in the US, UK and Japan. Wii Fit came second with 2,089,000 units sold, with The Force Unleashed in at third with 1,738,000 […]

  • Madden "may" have beaten GTA in US last month, says Moore

    Peter Moore’s told Gamasutra that Madden sales are up. In fact, he’s said that Madden 09’s done $133.5 million in sales in its launch month, 6 percent more than Madden 08. “In the month of August we may be bigger than a certain Eastern European gangster,” he said. Couldn’t wait for tomorrow’s NPD, clearly. More […]

  • EA working on Madden patch after freezes reported

    According to this IGN report, EA’s working on patching Madden after a bunch of issues with the game – including freezing – were reported by gamers. From the piece: According to a Producer Blog posted by Ian Cummings, Senior Designer of Madden 2010 on the EA Sports site on August 26, the team has been […]

  • Ouch: EA misspells Brett Favre’s name in Madden 09

    An astute Kotaku reader spotted a slight slip-up in the collector’s edition of EA Sports’ flagship moneymaker – namely, a name. Turns out, someone at EA thought one of the player’s names was spelled Farve, not Favre. Oh, and the owner of the crazy name in question? Well, he’s front-and-center on Madden 09’s cover. Also, […]

  • Madden 09 and Facebreaker demos now on PSN and Live

    EA’s confirmed that demos for Madden 09 and Facebreaker are now up on both Live and PSN, so get them if you’re bored. Madden’s out on August 15, says Gamespress, with Facebreaker shipping on September 5.

  • Madden 09 demo for August 1 release

    According to this PastaPadre report, the Madden 09 demo will release on both PSN and Live on August 1. Apparently, “This will not be a typical demo. Instead of traditional gameplay with reduced quarter length it will feature time in the virtual trainer and then head into one of the ‘Madden Moments,’ this one from […]

  • EA announces massive Holiday 08 roster

    EA has just announced a giant line-up for Holiday 2008, and it’s hard to be unimpressed. There is, quite fairly, something for everyone. Big boss John agrees. “EA’s 2008 lineup is our best ever,” said EA head John Riccitiello. “This is the year that our core franchises leap forward with stunning innovation and we introduce […]

  • Upcoming US Madden event is PlayStation-only

    According to this PS3F story, the upcoming American Madden 20th anniversary event will only show the PS3 and PSP versions of the game: no other SKUs will be present. No reason’s been given for the decision to leave the 360 and Wii versions out of the showing, although the “presented by PlayStation 3” line at […]

  • EA announces blue PSP Madden 09 bundle for US

    EA’s confirmed a PSP bundle for Madden 09, to include the game a metallic blue PSP, an NFL UMD video, a music voucher and a 1Gb memory stick. It’s releasing in August, priced $199.99. Press release after the link.

  • First Madden 09 gameplay movie released

    It’s after the link. Forgive our cynicism, but it looks exactly like Madden 08. Did Madden 08 have snow? We forget. Take a look, anyway.

  • Brett Favre is Madden 09 cover star, new screens released

    EA’s now confirmed that the cover chap for Madden 09 will be retired Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre. The announcement’s significant as it’s the twentieth anniversary for the franchise this year, so hooray for that. Read more about Brett on Gamespot. See screens of game-Brett jumping up and down here.

  • GTA IV will hit 13 million units this year, says analyst

    Hudson Square analyst Daniel Ernst has predicted sales figures for what he believes will be the biggest selling games of 2008, coming to the conclusion that GTA IV will top the lot with 13 million sold this year. Ernst’s top five, from Gamedaily: GTA IV (13 million) Wii Fit (10 million) Super Smash Brothers Brawl […]

  • No Madden for PC this year, says Moore

    Wow. Peter Moore’s announced on his blog that there won’t be a PC version of Madden this year. “We knew that our decision to not develop this year’s Madden for the PC would be an unpopular decision in some circles,” he said. “But I’ll reiterate what I said a couple of weeks ago in this […]

  • Madden 09 dated in the US

    Madden NFL 09 will release in the US on August 12, EA has announced. A 20th anniversary Madden pack will also be released, to include NFL Head Coach 09 and some bonus movie footage. No date for Europe yet, or confirmation on the release of the special edition. More detail here, should this appeal.