Kung Fu Superstar

“Launching on Kickstarter UK day one was a bad idea” – Kung Fu Superstar dev

Kinesthetic Games founder Kostas Zarifis believes crowdfunding efforts for his Kinect fighter Kung Fu Superstar were hampered by Kickstarter UK’s early launch issues.

8 years ago

Kung Fu Superstar headlines

  • Kung-fu Superstar Kickstarter failing in part to core's "hatred" of motion controls, says creator

    Kung-fu Superstar, the simulation game containing both motion and traditional controls, seems destined to fail on Kickstarter due in part to hardcore gamers loathing the tech, according to creator Kostas Zarifis.

    8 years ago
  • Kung Fu Superstar announced for Kinect

    Kinesthetic Games has announced Kung Fu Superstar for Kinect, which features “real Kung Fu techniques.” Developed by former Lionhead staffer, Kostas Zarifis, players will don the persona of Danny Chengas he goes from being an aspiring martial artist to an international, Hollywood star. Players will use their full body or an Xbox 360 controller to […]

    9 years ago