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  • Journey Collector’s Edition detailed, revealed in magazine ad

    OPM has posted a shot of an advertisement culled from the August issue of the US Official PlayStation Magazine showing the contents of the Journey Compilation GameFly inadvertently outed ahead of time earlier this week. The collection, which in the ad is called the Journey Collector’s Edition, includes not only Flow, Flower, and Journey, as […]

  • Journey Compilation to release in August

    A listing called the Journey Compilation has popped up on Gamefly, and set for releases on August 28. Spotted by Superannuation, thunder the PS3 game’s description it states “coming soon,” but it’s assumed to be a compilation of thatgamecompany titles Flow, Flower and Journey. Sony has yet to comment, but thatgamecompany has confirmed it’s existence, […]

  • Journey: Collector's Edition spotted in PlayStation sizzle roll

    A PlayStation sizzle roll video has shown a collector’s edition of Journey is in the works. There’s no more info beside the fleeting mention in the video. Sony’s yet to announced the CE itself, but our guess is it’s a special bundle feature the game, soundtrack a little bit more. Just a hunch. The vanilla […]

  • PSN Charts: Journey tops 2012 to date

    Thatgamecompany’s Journey is the best-selling PSN game of the year so far, across all PlayStation formats.

  • Journey and Escape Plan hit LittleBigPlanet 2 this week

    As promised last month, Sony has announced the Journey costume and sticker pack for LittleBigPlanet 2 will be made available starting today in the US and tomorrow in the UK. Also available will be a new costume based on the character from Escape Plan. Hit up the PS Blog for more.

  • Journey soundtrack topped iTunes charts globally

    According to thatgamecompany, Austin Wintory’s amazing Journey score last week hit the top ten album charts in Japan, Canada and Spain, and the soundtrack charts in over 20 countries, including eight number ones. The soundtrack album includes 18 tracks and is available for purchase here. Thanks, RipTen.

  • Journey's online play inspired Hunicke to investigate MMO space

    MMO Glitch may seem a million years away from stripped-back adventure Journey, but for Robin Hunicke, one project naturally succeeds the other.

  • Once upon a time: how Journey nearly became an MMO

    Journey took the path less traveled on its way to becoming a bestselling adventure. Nathan Grayson sojourns with thatgamecompany’s Jenova Chen and Robin Hunicke.

  • Chen: "It's our games that make us assholes"

    Journey developer Jenova Chen has told Eurogamer he believes it’s game content itself that turns people into multiplayer idiots.

  • Thatgamecompany's Robin Hunicke joins Tiny Speck

    Journey producer Robin Hunicke has announced her departure from thatgamecompany, the developer’s second high profile departure today.

  • Journey "fastest-selling PSN game ever released"

    Sony and thatgamecompany have announced Journey has “officially broken PlayStation Network and PlayStation Store sales records,” by surpassing all games ever released on PSN to become the fastest-selling game ever released in both the US and European regions. No figures were provided. It was also announced the soundtrack would be released through the PS Store […]

  • Journey costume and sticker pack hitting LBP2 next month

    Media Molecule has announced the Deep Sea Diver Pack featuring a diver, edible crab, anglerfish and pufferfish costumes will be available later today through PSN and tomorrow through the UK store for LBP2. Next month, a Journey costume and sticker pack will also be made available. Hit the link for pricing and wallpaper of the […]

  • Journey playtesters kept offing each other

    Thatgamecompany’s Robin Hunicke got very down on humanity while prototyping co-operative adventure Journey.

  • My name is [REDACTED]: Journey's magical online play

    Now Journey has launched in Europe, gamers will witness one of the best experiences of this generation. As Johnny Cullen explains, the game is at its most charming online.

  • PSA: Journey goes live today for all EU PSN members

    After a week-long Plus exclusivity period and a release in the US overnight, Journey finally releases on the European PlayStation Store for all PSN members. The thatgamecompany effort, the third and final title under a three-game exclusivity deal with Sony, is pretty much a must buy. Words beyond utter incredible don’t do it justice, so […]

  • Sony kicks off PSN Spring Fever in US today with Journey

    Sony kicks off its Spring Fever campaign on PSN for the US today, with the first game to launch under the promotion being the incredible Journey.

  • Journey launch trailer welcomes this week's release

    Although PlayStation Plus subscribers can already grab Journey, the gorgeous adventure officially arrives this week. Check out the gentle trailer and decided which shooter you’ll be skipping to wander the sands.

  • Thatgamecompany: Journey destination originally a cliff with "a crack"

    The iconic mountain that players must travel to in Journey wasn’t a mountain at all at one stage.

  • thatgamecompany: No DLC or sequel for Journey

    So Journey’s pretty much the greatest. It’s a few hours of pure exploratory bliss – short and sweet as its scarves are irresistibly snazzy. It is, to be frank, exactly what it needs to be. And that’s why Jenova Chen and the rest of thatgamecompany aren’t in any hurry to mess with perfection.

  • Initial Journey settings included forests, cities, mountain trails

    Thatgamecompany was looking at other settings for Journey before it settled on the desert, studio co-founder Jenova Chen.

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